Who Is the Most Intelligent Titan?

Attack On Titan has different types of titans. They range from Pure Titans to Abnormal Titans. Read more to find out who is the most intelligent Titan.

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Attack On Titan has different types of titans. They range from Pure Titans to Abnormal Titans. Read more to find out who is the most intelligent Titan.

The origin of Titans has a dark history. It’s no secret that humans push their limits to achieve what they want, even if it’s in a way that harms others.

Titans were once humans who have been injected with the Titan serum, which causes them to transform either into abnormal, pure, or shifter Titans.

Primarily, Titans eat humans. It’s cannibalistic in a way and totally terrifying.

What’s worse than giant humanoids that follow you mindlessly with the sole purpose of eating you?

Attack On Titan takes place in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world where humans are on the brink of extinction because of giant man-eating humanoids.

Origin of Titans

Titans first appeared 107 years before the year 850 which is when humans went nearly extinct.

Titans were made originally from the Subjects of Ymir and Ymir Fritz was the first Titan.

Ymir had become one after merging with a spine-like creature on a tree.

When the powers of the Titans were split into nine as fragments of Ymir’s titan powers, the Nine Titans were used to conquer Marley.

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The process of turning into a Titan is instantaneous after injecting the Titan's spinal fluid.

Eventually, Marley decided to use the Subjects of Ymir in war as Titans. They subjected humans to a cruel fate.

Titans are giant naked humanoids and their heights can range from 2-15m.

They all have abnormal features- large heads, wide exposed mouths, asymmetrical eyes, and differences in body proportions. Titans were distinctly divided into

Fans who have watched this show know the cruel reality behind the fates of the Titans.

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What are the different types of Titans?

Titans are divided as Abnormal, Pure, and Nine Titans were also known as Titan shifters based on their size and abilities.

Abnormal Titans display abnormal behavior and charge at humans only in the important locations to do more damage.

You might be familiar with the Smiling Titan (Dina Fritz), Wall Titans, Rod Reiss, and Ms. Springer.

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Nine Titans are fragments of Ymir’s powers inherited by humans. Each of the Titans has its own distinguishable powers that are formidable.

The Nine Titans are- Colossal Titan (Armin Arlert), Armoured Titan (Reiner Braun), Founding and Attack Titan (Eren Yeager), Beast Titan (Zeke Yeager), Female Titan (Annie Leonhart), Jaw Titan (Porco), Cart Titan (Pieck), and the War Hammer Titan (Ms. Tybur).

Pure Titans range from 2-15m in height and have varying levels of deformities. They were often used as weapons for war.

Provided that Pure Titans are mindless in nature, they eat humans and Titan shifters unconsciously so that they can gain back their human form.

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Who Is the Most Intelligent Titan?

Titans are humans. Titans that possess intelligence are Titan shifters who are also the Nine Titans.

They eat humans in order to gain back their humanness, especially Titan shifters. Not to mention, the ability to transform into a shifter Titan.

Also, an ‘intelligent’ Titan can be regarded by the human who controls the Titan; therefore, it has to be one of the Nine Titans themselves.

It can seem a little contradictory, considering that most Titans consume humans. It was unheard of, that a Titan could speak or think.

It was a baffling discovery made by the Survey Corps.

When Levi Ackerman learned of the Beast Titan’s ability, it created a new sense of danger following which, many questions arose and theories were developed.

As a matter of fact, Hange Zoe was the most excited to learn of this.

In a world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, where dangerous giant man-eating humanoids run loose, there can be very few rays of hope to hold on to.

For viewers, the origin and reason of existence of Titans were unknown and a tad bit confusing, up until Season 3.

Intelligence is measured by IQ but intelligence also attributes to smartness. So far, we’ve seen that Zeke Yeager who is also the Beast Titan is a mastermind planner and has an ulterior motive.

His initial appearance in the series was a shocker, to say the least. Zeke wasn’t as important until later on in the series.

He’s an Ape Titan and a war chief who had a tragic childhood. He’s also a very creepy Titan and very intimidating.

He can control and create Titans which undeniably, is one of the scariest and most powerful abilities a Titan can possess.

On the other hand, the Founding Titan aka Eren Yeager has the power “Coordinate” that allows him to control other Titans.

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Despite Eren not being a royal, he was able to control a Titan when he was in contact with a Titan of royal blood.

Eren is strong-willed but also recklessly charges into battle sometimes.

Armin, who is also the Colossal Titan is a brilliant strategist and executer, but sadly lacks the strength needed to fulfill a tough role.

All other Titans also have special powers of their own but Zeke’s character played a huge role in the war and played a huge part in the state of the world.

Nevertheless, Zeke has the brains and the skills to win a fight easily. Therefore, Zeke can be considered one of the most intelligent of them all.