The Transformation of Historia Reiss

Historia Reiss is the Queen of the Walls in the Attack on Titan. Before she became queen, she was a member of the Scout Regiment.

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The Transformation of Historia Reiss

Historia Reiss, formerly known as Krista Lenz, is the Queen of the Walls in the Attack on Titan series. She was part of the 104th Cadet Corps and before she became queen, she was a member of the Scout Regiment. She is also the illegitimate child of Rod Reiss and royal blood runs within her.

“I Am Historia Reiss, The True Ruler Of These Walls.”

Historia became one of the most important characters as the series progressed and has a unique and interesting backstory. On that note, Historia had one of the best reveals apart from Eren Yeager and plays an important part till the end of the series.


Historia, also known as Krista Lenz is a petite girl and has a smaller frame compared to the other females of the series. Long blonde hair ties at the nape of her neck and long bangs that fall on her face is one of the key features defining her royalty. Her double-lidded, big blue eyes heighten her emotions and show her desperate need to reveal her inner self.

She wore the Scout Regiment uniform as long as she is on her missions. It is an ensemble of a tan-colored cropped coat, a white shirt, and pants with suspenders underneath and long brown boots that reach her knees. The 3D Gear which is always worn with the uniform helps her fight titans. The Scout Regiment’s symbol embellished on a long green coat worn over the entire attire.

After she became the queen of Paradis Island, she wore a long white gown with a cape and a crown, which surely suited her.

History & Personality

Historia Reiss
Historia Reiss 

Historia Reiss is the illegitimate child of the Reiss royal family who is the true monarchs of the Walls. She was born to Alma, one of the servants of the Reiss household. After Alma got pregnant, she returned to the farm to her family who resided north of Wall Sheena.

For most of her childhood, she was never loved by her mother and she had never met her father, Rod Reiss. Constantly isolated from other children and adults alike, she turned to books.

Frieda Reiss, her half-sister used to visit her to take care of her and taught her how to read and write. She immersed herself on any books she could find. Frieda was the inheritor of the Founding Titan who was to save the world from the Titans. Frieda was the only one who spoke to her and acknowledged her. She never felt alone.

Childhood trauma is what made her what she was. Her mother got killed right in front of her eyes and her father abandoned her. This led her to create a façade, a persona that is too good to be true, an innocent and kind-hearted girl who does things without expecting anything in return.

The only person who saw through Historia’s façade was Ymir, a member of the 104th Cadet Corps just like her. She became friends with Ymir and Sasha, who believed in her and accepted her for who she was. When Ymir, in her Titan form forcefully took her, Historia’s true self emerged. She decided that she had to be brave and stubborn to get what she wants.

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Finally, we see the better side of her, where she overcomes her shortcomings and accepts her reality. She’s also seen helping Eren, Mikasa Ackerman, and Levi Ackerman in their mission. While she is the queen, she’s ready to make any sacrifice necessary to save humanity, even become a Titan.

End Thoughts

Historia’s role as a queen as well as the protagonist proved to be as important as Eren’s role. Historia, also known as Krista Lenz  , not only was the key to saving humanity, because of her royal blood, she also had the skills of being analytical and knowing right from wrong which helped immensely in the battles to come.