Attack on Titan: Jean Kirstein as the Supporting Protagonist
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Attack on Titan: Jean Kirstein as the Supporting Protagonist

Attack on Titan: Jean Kirstein as the Supporting Protagonist

Jean Kirstein is one of the supporting protagonists of the Attack on Titan series and is one of the graduates of the 104th Cadet Corps. As the 6th ranking member of all the graduates, his skills are remarkable. He is a member of the Survey Corps as a commander of the squad, Raid on Liberio

Jean Kirstein
Jean Kirstein in uniform.

Jean Kirstein has a well-built body. He is tall and quite muscular which helps him utilize his fighting gear with ease. His eyes are brown close to a honey brown tone and expressive. He has short, light brown spiky hair. Throughout the series, he is seen wearing the uniform of the Survey Corps which consists of a cropped tan coat and a green shirt underneath with white fitted pants. Suspenders are fitted on the shirt as well as the pants. He wears tall brown boots. The Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment, which helps him fight Titans is harnessed onto his waist. A long green coat embellished with the symbol of the Scout Regiments is worn over the attire. 

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Personality of Jean Kirstein

Jean Kirstein attack on titan series 104th cadet corps
Jean Kirstein, the optimistic supporting protagonist.

Jean Kirstein has the qualities of a protagonist. He’s a loyal, brave, and brilliant fighter. He was just 15 years old when he was initially introduced in the series as a trainee of the 104th cadet corps . His aim was to join the Military Police to lead a peaceful life. The goal he had in mind was to simply lead a less violent life. Ironically, later in the series, he decides to join the Scout Regiment, who are always on the battlefield. 

Jean Kirstein and Eren Yeager never saw eye to eye for many reasons. Eren had seen first-hand, the horror of the Titans. In contrast, Jean had never experienced that trauma. So, he was less understanding of Eren’s passion to annihilate the Titans. He was also mesmerized by Mikasa Ackerman, who was always seen beside Eren and annoyed him. As the series progresses, his relationships with the people around him deepen.

When he started battling in the real world, he did not know of the struggle and fear, not to mention, he was terrified of fighting and almost gave up. But, with the constant confrontation of his fears, he managed to learn the hard way. He learned how to protect his friends and work as a team. 

Another key point about him is how Jean Kirstein overcame his shortcomings. Despite his disdain for the idealistic such as Eren, he had realized the grave danger all of humanity was in. Later on, he had but one goal- save humanity. 

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attack on titan series 104th cadet corps
Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment

Jean Kirstein was skilled in using the Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment which is used for mobility while fighting Titans. It consists of a metal rope that can be attached to any surface. 

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Above all, Jean Kirstein is an important character who proves to be helpful to Eren and his friends throughout the series. In addition to that, he is an important soldier in the war to be fought against the Titans. 

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