Attack on Titan: Is Connie Springer The Friend We All Need?

Anime Mar 11, 2021

In the “Attack on Titan” series, Connie Springer is a supporting protagonist and a graduate of the 104th Training Corps where he ranked 8th best compared to his fellow trainees. He is a member of the Survey Corps and serves as commanding officer. His job as a soldier of the Scout Regiment enables him to utilize his skills against the man-eating Titans.

Connie Springer | Appearance

Connie Springer
Connie Springer

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Connie is shorter than his fellow soldiers. Grey hair, short to the surface with a military-style cut usually seen on a “tough” stoic soldier is contrary to his personality. His green orbs encompassed in half-moon-shaped eyes show his cheerfulness. He wears the Scout Regiment uniform which consists of a yellow shirt and white pants with brown suspenders underneath a short tan-coloured coat. The Scout Regiment symbol embellished on a long green cape worn over the entire ensemble of clothing. Brown boots that reach up to the knees and provide ease of movement and the Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment attached to his at all times to help fight off Titans. 

History and Personality

Connie Springer hails from the small village of Ragako, within Wall Rose. One may describe his family as a loving suburban family that cares for each other deeply. Connie was proud of his village and wanted to make his family proud of him. Upon the Titan destruction on the village, Connie lost his entire family, while his mother possibly turned into a Titan. The anguish he felt desperately showed closeness to his late family. 

Attack on Titan
The Springer Family

Connie can be described as an outgoing and cheerful guy. Like any extrovert, he’s a ball of energy. To put it another way, he is a determined guy who never backs down. He isn’t extremely frightened of Titans and charges at them with all he’s got. The giant humanoids can easily be killed by slashing at their nape and Connie’s skills undoubtedly accomplish that. 

Attack on Titan
Connie Springer, Jean Kirstein, Sasha Braus

As the series progressed, he became close friends with Jean Kirstein, Sasha Braus, and his fellow graduates of the Training Corps. He is always ready to fight and protect his friends and family who are in danger. He has a similar passion to Eren Yeager, he just wants to save the world and survive. Along with the rest of the Scout Regiment, he is forthcoming and always ready to help Eren and Mikasa and follows Levi Ackerman’s orders to the bone. 


Connie is incredibly fast and agile. He uses the 3D Manoeuvring Gear, which is used for mobility while fighting Titans with ease. It consists of a metal rope that can attach to any surface. His hand-to-hand skills are considered above average. 

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