Interesting Facts About The Beast Titan; The Strongest Titan

The Beast Titan’s appearance in S2 of the Attack on Titan was a shocker. The season started off with a major reveal- a Titan that could speak.

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The Beast Titan’s appearance in Season 2 of the Attack on Titan series was a shocker. Not only did a new Titan appear, but the season started off with a major reveal- a Titan that could speak. The Beast Titan first appeared in the 1st episode of Season 2.

If there’s one thing to know about the Attack on Titan series, it is its shock value that makes the fans go “What just happened?”

So, what was so shocking about this  Titan? What is the Titan’s purpose? Why can it speak, unlike the other titans?

Beast Titan’s Identity

The Beast Titan is one of the Nine Titans. 17,00 years after Ymir Fritz’ death, the Beast Titan belonged to the Eldian people.

It was inherited by Tom Ksaver when the 145th king of the Fritz family relocated to Paradis Island.

They did so to abandon the warring Eldia.

Tom Ksaver, a Marleyan inherited the Beast Titan in the year 829 after the Great Titan War.

He often stayed in Marley as he believed he would not be useful in war. Tom was actually an Eldian researcher.

13 years after Tom Ksaver meets Zeke Yeager, the Titan is passed down to Zeke.

Zeke Yeager was a normal child who had high expectations from his parents.

Being an Eldian himself; he stayed in Marley due to his parents’ mission.

Trauma from not being good enough, Zeke considered Tom to be a father figure in his life.

huge creature smiling

Zeke had a mission. Despite losing his parents and believing he was the cause of their death;

He honored their mission to save the Eldians by sympathizing with them. As a result, he creates a secret plan to save them.

Zeke Yeager and his mother Dina Fritz are the only descendants of Ymir Fritz.

If you don’t remember Dina Fritz, you’ll be able to recall her as the smiling Titan who devoured Eren Yeager’s mother.

Ironic, since Zeke is Eren’s half-brother. Zeke has royal blood running in his veins which makes him pertinent to the story.

His Abilities

The Beast Titan is said to be the strongest of all the Titans. It has an ape-like appearance. He is quite big and tall.

This titan’s spinal fluid can turn any Eldian into a titan and control it.

It works on a scream-based trigger wherein the roar of the Titan transforms humans into titans.

That is how Connie Springer’s whole village was missing. It’s because he turned them all into titans.

It also can throw objects with power and accuracy. It is more so Zeke’s ability than the Titan’s itself.

Zeke was skilled at throwing rocks at retreating soldiers.

With its aim almost perfect and its destructive capability, this Titan can destroy anything from a long range.

Apart from that, it can harden its nape from being slashed to prevent his death.

Almost always failing to do so while fighting the exceptionally skilled Levi of the Ackerman clan.