Who is Eren Yeager's Love Interest?

Hajime Isayama gave this manga a different field of vision by not letting the main characters end up together. But why didn't this happen? Was there someone between them? Or Eren used to like someone else?

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Like every anime and manga, there are couples who did end up together but Hajime Isayama planned something different. For Yuuri it was Viktor. In the Naruto series, for Naruto Uzumaki, it was Hanita Hyuuga.

In Strike the Blood the Romantic tension between Asagi Aiba and Kojou Akatsuki was undeniable. Though Asagi’s love was pretty one-sided on her part.

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. He gave this manga a different field of vision by not letting the main characters end up together.

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For a very long time, the fans thought that Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman would get together by the end of the manga series. But why didn't this happen? Was there someone between them? Or Eren used to like someone else?

There is a lot of interrogation about this, though it was shown that Mikasa had feelings for him. Or did the tragic hero never reciprocate that same affection?

Did Eren have feelings for Mikasa?

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Eren and Mikasa were childhood friends and former Comrades. They two were very close to each other from the very start. Mikasa is seen to be very fond of him and overly protective.

She was so protective towards him that she would kill or attack anyone if they were to harm him, even her friends and superiors. Eren did have feelings for Mikasa though he wasn't good at expressing them.

In season 3 episode 19 of the manga series, Eren protected her from her kidnappers, killing two of them.

He proved his love for her when Eren and his father managed to track down the men who had kidnapped and murdered her family, he didn't hesitate to save her from the kidnappers.

He never once worried about his own life, he only wanted to make sure Mikasa was okay. This was the start of a relationship that became the footing of the series.  

Also in chapter 112 of the manga, it was shown that he gave Mikasa a scarf when she said she was cold. He gave her the scarf to keep her warm and it also symbolizes acceptance. This was clearly an early sign that Eren cared a lot about Mikasa and had feelings for her.

Furthermore,  he was also willing to become a monster to protect Mikasa from the Military Repercussion. He was always ready to be the victim if it was necessary to keep his friends safe.

He went through extra steps for Mikasa. He was prepared to paint himself as a monster if it meant that Mikasa could avoid repercussions from the military.

Even in chapter 139 of the manga, Eren and Armin were preparing for the battle, though before their final battle, when Armin and Eren were talking, Eren revealed that he truly loves Mikasa and has been in love with her for quite some time.

However, when Armin retorts that Mikasa was planning to move on, Eren loses his cool and expresses his feelings about what he really feels about Mikasa’s idea of living life without him.

eren loosing his cool

“I don’t want that. Mikasa finding another man? I want her to think about me and no one else for the rest of my life. Even as I die, I want to be at the front of her mind for a while. Ten years at least. I don’t want to die. I want to be with Mikasa.”

Woefully, Eren’s betrayal for his country and evading Mikasa's devotion for him had already done too much damage to their relationship. It was Mikasa who delivers the fatal strike that kills Eren as he controls his own monstrous version of the Colossal Titan. This is how things ended between them. Not all love stories have happy endings, I guess.

The bond between Eren and Historia

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Eren’s relationship with Historia has been a significant focus in the argument against his love for Mikasa. It was seen that Eren stayed with Historia in a  hideout cabin, where they spent a lot of time talking to each other. Eren’s respect and admiration for Historia deepen when she defies Rod by throwing him to the ground. Historia even tried to rescue Eren because she can not stand him crying about his worthlessness.

This shows us that she was very caring towards him and had feelings for him. Eren and Historia begin to bond after their kidnapping in season 2 episode 2 of the manga series.

It is when the fans took notice of the vast potential between the two. Their gradual friendship even evoked jealousy in Mikasa. But the only bond they used to share the whole time in the manga series was of a friend.

Maybe Historia had feelings for him but he till the end was only in love with Mikasa. However, there is no concrete evidence of Eren actually showing romantic feelings towards historia and vice versa, as she never openly showed or conveyed her feelings for him.