Attack on Titan: Annie Leonhart | Character Analysis

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a women her weapon against the enemy

Annie Leonhart is one of the antagonists of the Attack on Titan series. She’s a former member of the Military Police and was part of the 104 Squad Training Corps. She can transform into a titan- known as Female Titan.


Human Form of Annie Leonhart

a women giving a detached look

Annie Leonhart has blonde hair and a sharp jaw with a pointed chin. Her hair is tied at the back and long bangs fall to the sides of her face.

She has big blue eyes that look emotionless. She has a well-built body, fairly muscular.

She is seen dressed in the Military Police uniform which is an ensemble of a short brown coat with the symbol of the Military Police.

Underneath, the coat, a white pullover and white pants with brown suspenders.

The 3D Manoeuvring Equipment is attached to the suspenders. Annie looks detached most of the time.

Titan Form of Annie Leonhart

Titan Form of the women

Annie’s Titan form is also called the Female Titan.

Her Titan body looks similar to her human appearance, with the same blue eyes and blond hair which is considerably shorter than her human hair that reaches her chin.

She’s well-toned and muscular. She lacks flesh around her eyes and parts of her body. Her muscles are exposed and her fingers have exposed bones.


Human Form of Annie Leonhart

Annie is one of the strongest female characters in the Attack on Titan Series.

She’s an antagonist- takes on a role of an anti-hero, while working for the Military Police she also happens to be working with the Marleyans.

At first glance, she’s indifferent and looks detached from the rest. She observes and she doesn’t let her emotions get to her.

She’s a strong character, and like any strong character, she has phenomenal skills.

Annie is observant, she’s quiet most of the time and she also doesn’t express her emotions.

Her past, which affected her immensely, drives her to do the best she can as an antagonist. She keeps up a façade her entire life.

When she was a mere child, her harsh realities forced her to make difficult decisions, but she was a focused, obedient girl.

She was bold and strong, and as an adult, she is indestructible. One of the strongest amongst her peers, she is someone who likes to take up a challenge.

She’s a bit rowdy- in the sense that when she’s angry, she’s ready to beat up even her loved ones if it means they survive.

While she seems unbreakable, she is constantly tormented by her past, which causes her to be hostile towards everyone.

Despite her negative attributes, she’s a great fighter, especially at hand-to-hand combat and a good friend to the people she considers her loved ones.

Titan Form of Annie Leonhart

As a Titan, she has a similar personality. Annie can use her skills remarkably. She knows how to fight humans since she trained to fight Titans.

She is also focused on her mission, much more than when she is human. She is stronger and agile. She is able to defend herself very well.

Annie seems even more cold-hearted as a Titan. She kills humans and Titans alike without feeling guilt. She’s more focused on her mission- her mission to survive.

Since her human form controls her Titan form, there is no shift in her personality, except for her negative traits, which are slightly enhanced.


Annie Leonhart was born as a half- Eldian. She was abandoned by her mother due to that. She was adopted by Mr. Leonhart, who taught her martial arts.

He had hopes of joining her as a Warrior to augment himself.

She was chosen to become the Female Titan because of her apathy towards life. She crushed a grasshopper as a child, showing no remorse.

She was sent to Paradis Island on a mission along with Reiner, Bertholdt, and Marcel.

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Her life in Paradis Island proved to be difficult with her double life, as an outsider and a Titan.

She was part of the 104 Squad of the Training Corps along with Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and their squad.

She eventually gets discovered as a Titan, which endangers her and gets her caught. She is then forced to change her plans and stay in a frozen state.


3D Manoeuvring Equipment

Annie, apart from her impressive hand-to-hand combat, is an expert handler of the Vertical Manoeuvring Equipment.

It is the equipment used to fight Titans which helps in mobility. It is a device with a strong metal rope that can attach itself to any surface.

Martial Arts

Annie was trained in hand-to-hand combat by her adoptive guardian, Mr.Leonhart.

She is exceptionally skilled and her agile movements proved to be useful while battling as the Female Titan.

Female Titan

The Female Titan has a strong body, can harden itself when being attacked, and can heal quickly. She can regenerate.

Her body can crystallize, which makes it harder to kill or injure her.