Top 5 'At A Distance, Spring is Green' Kdrama Moments to watch out for!

There are multiple moments when the Kdrama makes you feel a weird tingling in your heart, which moments would you like spoilers for? What moments were shocking?

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At A Distance, Spring is Green is one of the most beautiful Kdramas of 2021. The drama has officially finished airing, but it feels like you can’t get over this drama. There are many moments that defined the drama and melt your heart, and binging this drama in one session is just a relaxing feeling.

For the people who enjoyed the drama or haven’t caught up yet, this is a potential spoiler article for the Kdrama so tread at your own risk. Friendly warnings have been served. Let’s find out some of the things that made this drama so worth it. It contains At A Distance, Spring is Green Kdram spoilers!!! Spoiler Alert!!!

5. Yeo Joon’s sudden confession

Early in the series, Yeo Joon visited his home. As usual, his mom and dad were pretty abusive toward him. Yeo Joon’s mom ripped off his wig and verbally starts abusing him. Unfortunately, that wasn’t even the end of it. Yeo Joon’s dad suddenly appeared and slaps him. He was displeased with Yeo Joon and pretty angry with him.

A sad Yeo Joon gets drunk and ends up calling Nam Soo Hyun for comfort, although he ends up with Soo Bin. Nam Soo Hyun, although denies it, calls Soo Bin as he was concerned about Yeo Joon. Yeo Joon straight-up confesses to Soo Bin to like him but in a hasty moment, Soo Bin blurts out her confession for another guy. Even worse, Nam Soo Hyun arrives at the moment and later they take Yeo Jin and send him home. The classic Korean piggyback was cute between Nam Soo Hyun and Yeo Joon, but Yeo Joon ends up puking at him.

4. The bullies get a fresh start over

Jung Ho, Cheon Kook, and Hye Ji were their ex-teammates who made sure to bully Soo Bin, Yeo Joon and Nam Soo Hyun. Unfortunately, Soo Bin ends up suffering the most. Cheon Kook tried to harass Soo Bin but was saved by Yeo Joon and Young Ran. The bullies end up working together again with the trio at the end of the semester where they work on a team project.

Jung Ho, Cheon Kook, and Hye Ji put in a lot of effort and even participated in the secret Santa event. It was cute to see Soo Hyun trying so hard to become the secret Santa for Joon and do his best. At times he was flustered, as Joon was having the most fun in it. Although the bullies can’t be easily forgiven for their actions, they did try to redeem themselves. Spoiler alert; the team ends up winning and got the highest score because of their perfect teamwork.

3. Yeo Joon’s sudden breakdown

After an argument with Jung Ho and Cheon Kook during the first project, Jung Ho became violent and punched Soo Hyun. Yeo Joon had a sudden breakdown and ends up speaking to not to inflict pain on Soo Hyun. It was heartbreaking to see Yeo Joon in tears and shaking when he was not subconsciously present at the moment and had an episode of flashbacks from his past trauma.

He manages to stop the fight, but Yeo Joon was trembling from remembering his past abuse. His sudden behaviour made Soo Bin and Soo Hyun concerned, although Soo Hyun always rejects it keeps his guard against him in, At A Distance, Spring is Green till mid-series.

2. Nam Soo Hyun’s love interest

At A Distance, Spring is Green only had one couple until the end. Spoiler alert; Joon and Soo Bin start as a fake relationship, but start dating for real as they have mutual feelings. Soo Bin has an unrequited love for his childhood friend, Hong Chan Ki, but she got over him. On the other hand, Nam Soo Hyun’s love interest garners a lot of speculation and interest from everyone.

Soo Bin’s roommate Min Joo met Soo Hyun briefly after her breakup and coincidentally met four other times. She fell for him from the beginning. Wang Young Ran, Soo Bin’s other roommate and Soo Hyun’s friend like him but never had the courage to confess to him. Min Joo was brave enough to confess to Soo Hyun but was instantly turned down.  

When everyone went camping with the professors, during a game, Soo Hyun responded he had someone he loved and the person was present there with them. It can be safe to assume he likes Yong Ran but never acknowledges it. Nam Soo Hyun’s love interest was never explored and till the end, he does not end up with anyone.

1. Yeo Joon’s misunderstanding

The biggest surprising moment of At A Distance, Spring is Green is the reveal when the series was nearing the end. Yeon Joon had a misunderstanding that his brother Yeo Joon Wan had abused him in the past, but that was far from the truth. It turns out, Yeo Joon’s father abused his entire family including him. That was not the end of the shock.

Yeo Joon wan threatened his father with evidence and asked him to leave Yeo Joon from the meaningless and vicious cycle of abuse. Yeo Joon Wan told his brother that he didn’t have a family, didn’t have a brother, and cut ties with him. It was Yeo Joon Wan's way of protecting his little brother. Because of his brother’s sacrifice, Yeo Joon was able to get out of the family and have space to breathe.  

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