At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama Review

At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama is one of the best 2021 dramas that is highly underrated. Discover the slice of life and coming of age drama with Yeo Jun, Soo Hyun and Soo Bin!

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2021 surely is heaven for Kdrama lovers as Korea is back with another masterpiece. At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama is one of the most underrated dramas of 2021, that people need to discover, watch and fall in love with. This 2021 KBS Kdrama had all the perfect ingredients to make you feel happy and sad, and shed tears of joy and angst, all at once. Although At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama didn’t have high ratings in Korea, the international fans beg to differ.

At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama is worth giving up your sleep and here’s why Kdrama lovers need to binge-watch it ASAP!  At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama has 12 episodes and is a mini-series; the only downside of the drama is that it’s too short. Let Yeo Joon and Nam Soo Hyun melt your heart in At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama.


Park Ji Joon plays the role of Yeo Joon, a free-spirited guy from his outer appearance, but deep down he has his own burdens and scars from the past. Meet Yeo Joon, the freshman at Myeongil University, who is literally treated as the public ATM of Myeongil University. He is popular and has a lot of online friends, but no one really has an interest in him, and no one really cares about him.

As days by, all Yeo Jun has his immense wealth and popularity, but not a real friend. Baek In Hyuk plays the role of Nam Soo Hyun, the antisocial, cold, uncaring psychopath Sunbae (senior) at Myeongil. Their paths collide, and Yeon Joon takes an interest in Nam Soo Hyun. Nam Soo Hyun has his own life struggles and works hard to pay his late father’s debt and support his younger brother and mom. Yeo Joon keeps clinging onto Soo Hyun who constantly rejects him with his cold demeanor.

Kang Min Ah plays the role of Kim Soo Bin, a third-year university student who happens to get involved with Yeo Joon. Kim Soo Bin is an average student who wants to work for Professor Song, but Yeo Joon applied first. To get Yeo Joon to quit, Soo Bin makes a deal with him and becomes real friends (or she tries to) to get the gig and let him quit.

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At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama is a slice-of-life, coming-of-age drama that has many heartwarming moments and explores some of the dark sides like bullying, mental health issues, abuse, domestic violence, and peer pressure to name a few of the issues. Yeo Jun might seem like a perfect prince who is wealthy and well-off, but in reality, he has never received familial love and feels like more of an empty shell.

On the other hand, Soo Hyun is a hardworking, meritorious, and scholarship student who has financial issues as his father passed away when he was young. He takes multiple jobs to take care of living expenses and pay for his brother and mom. Soo Hyun is the only one who didn’t get close to Yeo Joon for taking advantage of him. Soo Bin and Soo Hyun had minor misunderstandings, but later gets cleared.

At A Distance, Spring is Green Couple

Eventually, Yeo Joon, Soo Hyun, and Soo Bin get close and work together on a college project. That was the beginning of their friendship and an unbreakable bond between the three of them.  The moments between Yeo Joon and Soo Hyun will make you laugh, chuckle a bit, and sometimes make you cry.

The emotional blow and realistic delivery of emotions and verbal cues just hit you hard. They belong to two different worlds, yet form a most unusual friendship where both of them care for each other and protect each other.  By the end of the series, Yeo Joon and Soo Bin end up dating each other. There are no other couples in the drama besides them.  

The entire cast of At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama deserves a standing ovation for portraying the characters so well. The drama showed that every character has shades, there’s no white or black, no one is purely evil or good, people just have different feelings, and everyone copes with situations and people in a different way. What makes At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama so appealing is the monologues shown by characters as if they are talking directly with the audience.

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The scenes of Yeo Joon and his elder brother Yeo Joon Wan were emotional, dark and heavy. Na In Woo slays his role of Yeo Joon Wan. Yeo Joon wan is a professor at the same university where Yeo Joon is studying. He wants to protect his little brother from their abusive father and somewhat mentally unstable mother.

In a sense, Yeo Joon’s mom is abusive towards him because harsh words spoken without any care can inflict emotional wounds, a pain that might not go away. The characters in At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama are not all unredeemable, the bullies reform in the end as well and the show has a happy ending.

At A Distance, Spring Is Green Kdrama ends on a positive note, and we wish there was a season 2 announcement because this drama is worth every recognition.

"Spring has always been just a rumour because we're constantly stuck in winter. " - Yeo Joon  

Is It a love triangle?

One of the best things about At a Distance, Spring is Green is that there is no love triangle whatsoever. Yeo Joon and Soo Bin start dating, and Soo Hyuk becomes Yeo Joon’s roommate. He is supportive of their relationship and even prayed from Yeo Joon and Soo Bin to become a CC (campus couple).

Does At a Distance, Spring is Green have romance?

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There are some romantic scenes between Yeo Joon and Soo Bin and totally priceless. This couple deserves to e protected. There were two people who had a crush on Soo Hyun but Soo Hyun didn’t have a love story.  
At a Distance, Spring is Green is adapted from the webtoon of the same name by Ji Nyoong.

The story has been modified a bit, but no major parts have been changed if you see the context. It was surprising to see no scenes between Soo Hyun and Yeo Joon Wan. The webtoon fans might have had disappointed. Nevertheless,  At a Distance, Spring is Green is a must-watch and highly recommended drama of 2021. This is a slow-burn drama but has a high rewatch value. Brace yourself to smile, cry and laugh with Yeo Joon, Soo Hyun, and Soo Bin!  Happy binging!

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