Top 5 Moments in "At A Distance, Spring is Green" 's Last Episode

At A Distance, Spring is Green Ending Episode 12 ends, with Yeo Joon and Nam Soo Hyun both growing and maturing.

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At A Distance, Spring is Green Kdrama is a constant flux of emotions. Nevertheless, the drama made you feel happy and binging it is one of the best things ever this summer.  At A Distance, Spring is Green had a lot of unpredicted moments, clashes and reconciliation. Will Yeo Joon be able to reunite with his family? How are things looking for Nam Soo Hyun? At A Distance, Spring is Green ending will answer all the curiosities. At A Distance, Spring is Green 12 had a happy ending and ended on a positive note. There is still room for a new season but let’s see.

5. Yeo Joon speaks about his past

While discussing the final project with his teammates, every team member talks about their dark moments, pain, and suffering from their past. Nam Soo Hyun and Soo Bin are already aware of Yeo Joon’s situation, so didn’t let him skip. The members were under the impression that Joon must have had no difficulties.

No one was aware of the present fiasco and the news about his abusive father. Yeo Joon decides to speak and discloses his past. He tells everyone how he and his family were physically abused by his dad. That moment was a bit heartbreaking, but Yeo Joon was finally able to let go of the past that was holding him down.

4. Yeo Joon and Nam Soo Hyun silent bickering

At the previous meeting, everyone was discussing the project. Nam Soo Hyun wanted to go for a realistic and dark concept, whereas Yeo Joon wanted a light-hearted and virtual reality concept. The clash of opinion between Joon and Soo Hyun led to silent bickering.

Back at home both of them were anxious and unable to sleep. Joon teases Soo Hyun with ddeokbokki and the pair end up sharing a late-night snack together. It was nice to see Soo Hyun and Joon opening up to each other. At A Distance, Spring is Green was memorable because of the duo who were very different from each other, yet they cared for the other. They were concerned, bickered and had a lot of emotional moments together.  

3. From enemies to comrades

The entire team starts shooting the project and significant changes can be seen among the former bullies. The secret Santa event was going as well, and people were slowly changing. Soo Bin had had trouble with indigestion. Hye Jin got her meds and gave them to her. Soo Bin was surprised but touched. The team effort was showing and they successfully presented their project.

It was not a surprise, but their team won with the highest score. One of the classmates objected, to which the professor responded that their teamwork was flawless and everyone grew a bit mature, especially Soo Hyun and Yeo Joon. Soo Hyeon who earlier had an unapproachable aura and cold towards everyone, now he was friendly and everyone shared their woos with him while getting drunk.  

2. A closure for Chan Ki

After the long push and pull, Chan Ki finally lets go of Soo Bin. Soo Bin is happily dating Yeo Joon and has mutual feelings for each other. Chan Ki had hopes of winning Soo Bin over but decides to get closure. They happily part away and Chan Ki ran away in tears. Chan Ki and Young Ran had developed a friendly buddy relationship and they end up meeting at the gym.

They console each other and listen to each other’s worries. This unique friendship was adorable and worth cheering for.

1. Soo Hyun and Yong Ran’s relationship

Young Ran did not have the courage to confesses her feelings for Soo Hyun knowing. She’s aware it will not be responded to.  Soo Hyun was financially struggling and was aware of Young Ran’s feelings but decides to keep quiet about it. Young Ran decides to stay away from him but doesn’t intend to give up completely.  

Soo Hyun tells Yeo Joon that he will work in the summer and help his mom. He plans to bring his mom with him and they will leave together. The teary moment between Yeo Joon and Soo Hyun was a bit sad but understanding. The deja-vu scene of Soo Hyun repeating Yeo Joon’s mistake from episode 1 was a good surprise.

3 main leads conversing with each other

The trio moved forward and everyone was pursuing their dream. At A Distance, Spring is Green episode 12 ended on a positive note and wish it was longer.  The ending was satisfying and the last shot closed with the trio.