Arte: Was Arte Able To Achieve Her Dreams?

Who was Arte and how that time affected her dreams?


Arte is an anime based on a girl named Arte who was passionate about doing art and becoming an artist despite her mother being against her decision. The story was from 16th CE, Florence, and the girl, Arte wanted to pursue her dreams in the field of arts and paintings.

Who was Arte? What were her dreams?

Arte was from a noble family and, being a girl she was asked to quietly marry someone from another noble family rather than putting herself in such talents that are not even for women.  

Back in time, only men were acknowledged as artists and, they were the ones who could develop the talent of having art abilities. Arte was sure about her dreams and goals and was ready to go out in the world, out of her comfort zone to face the obstacles that would come in her way of achieving her goals.

Her mother intended to keep her away from art but, Arte was always in love with doing paintings. She was even taught by her late father and since then she had that talent in her of doing such amazing arts.

Arte overheard her parents talking and how her mother was so against her getting too engrossed in paintings and saying that no men would find her charming if she would continue doing art.

But when her father spoke up and said that Arte is a girl who would be able to overcome any fear and situations that would come in her way then any man would find her charming and that goes for him as well.

Her father liked how her eyes were all shining and how her gloomy face would light up while doing paintings. After hearing what her father said she was full of determination and wanted to keep doing art and would achieve higher goals in the art field.

After leaving her house behind, and making a big statement that one day she would be going to be the first female best artist. She was unaware of the world that is out of her comfort zone and she was all ready to face any kind of obstacle. Once she went out she could never turn back from what she started.

Who helped and supported Arte?

master leo giving mc a box of paint brushes and other helpful stuff

Arte, in her feminine disguise, was abused many times as she went to numerous ateliers but no one accepted her as their apprentice. It was a renaissance period 16th CE in Florence and, craftsmen made many arts out of wood or steel. Art was in high demand and full of energetic men.

She was being rejected by 18 ateliers and the reason was that she was a girl. No one even dared to look at her paintings. But when she was asking at the last atelier in her neighbourhood she was badly disrespected for her gender and that made her furious which led her to cut her hair with a sharp knife in front of everyone and said if her being a woman matters a lot then she would stop being one.

When all this was going on, there was a man named Leo in the crowd who was looking at her and when Arte was trying to chop off her breasts he came forward and stopped her while holding her hands from behind. While Leo was stopping her those craftsmen cleverly said that Leo would take Arte as his apprentice.

After that incident, Leo took her to his atelier, and there Arte saw many tools and brushes which were well-maintained. At first, Arte found Leo scarier than other craftsmen she met but not later.

Arte asked Leo to look at the paintings Arte made and, Leo did so. She was surprised that Leo did see her paintings and he asked her for the reason to become a painter.

Arte replied that she loves to draw and, while she did it made her happy and lost track of time. It was such an honest and generous answer which made Leo make her apprentice.

For her first task, Leo made her to tempera as he had conditions that were quite hard for Arte to complete. Leo asked her to complete the task by tomorrow morning.

The task that was given to her, she was quite shocked as to how she would be going to finish her work before tomorrow morning. Due to her determination, she did complete her work in quite a skilled manner and that got Leo impressed by her.

Leo had the same encounter as Arte. When Leo was small he also had the same determination as Arte and even went to many ateliers to get accepted but no one considered him as he was a beggar.

While getting humiliated by a craftsman he was found by a painter who saw his paintings which had fallen on the ground. That painter asked him why Leo wanted to join an atelier and Leo said that he wanted to support himself financially by doing what he was great at doing.

Did she managed to impress everyone with her talent?

Arte did an impressive job in every task she has ever given. She even made a portrait of a rich courtesan named Veronica. After looking at the portrait she was very astonished as to how beautiful the portrait had been painted.

All the people who have ever come in contact with Arte or become friends with her were astonished about her talents and hard work despite being a rich noble girl. Her character has always been friendly and heartwarming.

She managed to make new friends and learn many things from them. The whole neighborhood knew about her and her stubborn determination towards art and the talent she was carrying.

What was her great opportunity?

mc roaming in venice

Once there was a Venetian nobleman and skilled merchant, named Yuri Falier. He accidentally came to know about Arte while visiting Veronica during his visit to Florence. Looking at her great work and talent he was impressed by her work and wanted to take her to his family as a tutor for her niece.

After Arte heard of this opportunity she was confused if she should reject it or accept it. After talking to Leo, he said that there would be a time when she has to feed herself with her strengths and become independent of the atelier, and receive jobs with her power.

The amount of hard work and spectacular talent she has had made her name attracted to many noble people and wanted Arte to hire. Arte went to Venice to teach Yuri’s niece Katarina. It was a half-year contract and she was asked that she could stay as much longer as she wanted.

After the time, she went back to Florence to Leo and said she has many more things to learn from Leo. Arte even asked to paint the main church in which she did a great job and had been more energetic than other men who were there.

Arte was a girl ready to face any problems that could be found in her way to achieve her dream and even did so. She got many compliments and prizes for her hard work.