Arknights Finally Gets an Anime Adaptation

The official Anime adaptation of Arknights is finally confirmed.

Arknights Finally Gets an Anime Adaptation
Arknights Official Art

The official Twitter account of Arknights just confirmed that Arknights has been green-lit for a full-fledged anime adaptation. Yostar’s mobile game Arknights also got a promotional video featuring some dialogue between Amiya and Doctor.

According to the announcement, the first season of Arknights will be called "Prelude to Dawn" and its release date is expected to be announced in the coming few months.

For now, no other detail for the official anime adaptation of Arknights has been revealed. And we don’t even know how many episodes the new Arknights anime will have. But, the promotional trailer has revealed that our favorite assistant Amiya will be in the anime, and of course will be helping us out again in the neverending journey.

So, of course, the anime will be following the main plotline of Arknights.

Arknights is set in the post-apocalyptic world of Terra. Which is devastated by Terrran's, Ancient beings with animalistic traits/magical powers, and catastrophes. Aside from these back draws, the world of Terra is also plagued by a deadly disease called Oripathy, which is transmitted by getting in contact with a mineral called Originium, an essential mineral used as fuel and construction material.

The Doctor, our player, leads a paramilitary medical organization who provides treatment to anyone infected with Oripathy. And fights against a violent non-state actor, The Reunion who wants a better life for the infected and wishes to punish everyone who is responsible for the spread of the disease.