Are Boruto Fillers Highly Anticipated?

Next Generation is not a series to experience while expecting a consistent Naruto sequel. It’s not about Naruto and Team 7 anymore

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Many expected Boruto: Naruto Next Generations to live up to the level of Naruto itself, but the series had a slow start.

Many were displeased at first, the different settings, characters, art style, writing, and overall feel felt too different.

But most forgot that Naruto originally started the same way, quite a slow start as well. But many stuck through with the series.

In time, the key became quite evident, Next Generation is not a series to experience while expecting a consistent Naruto sequel.

It’s not about Naruto and Team 7 anymore.

It’s about Boruto and his team.

It’s set in a different time, in a different setting and backdrop and the Shinobi world has metamorphosed into something quite different.

For better or for worse is up to the viewer to decide and for time to tell. Lately, the series has been dashing ahead, becoming interesting and suspenseful.

Some feel of the original Naruto work is returning as well.

But what’s Naruto or Boruto without Fillers?

Just like its predecessor, Boruto has its fair share of fillers.

Whether Boruto Fillers are good or not is highly dependent on the viewer’s opinion.

The main reason for these Fillers is the fact that the Manga and Anime started very close to each other, meaning the Manga needs time to proceed as usual without being rushed, while the Anime continues too.

So this calls for some filler episodes to keep the avid Anime watchers satisfied.

A filler is essentially an episode or set of episodes with events that never occurred in the Manga or the Light Novels by the original authors.

If an episode is based on events from the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga or the Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring spinoff manga, it is considered canon.

Boruto also has a few episodes that are a mix of canon and Boruto fillers events as well.

So for those who wish to watch the story consistently, they may only skip the pure Boruto fillers.

It also has Anime Canon episodes that are not adapted from the Manga but occur in the middle of a canon series of events from the Manga.

Boruto Filler List: The Successor to Naruto Fillers!

Numerically the Manga Canon episodes by number are 19 to 23, 39, 53 to 59, 61 to 66, 148 to 151, and 181 to 188.

Episodes that are a mix of Canon and Filler events are episodes 1 and 24. Complete pure filler episodes are 2 to 18, 25 to 38, 40 to 52, 67 to 147, and 152 to 180.

Finally, there is one Anime Canon episode which is 60.

fan art of all the characters

For those who are on the lookout for only good fillers (as per popular opinion mostly), first up is the  Genin Mission Arc from episode 40 to 42, it looks at how the new Team 7, as well as the other teams, are taking on missions anew.

Next up is the Byakuya Gang Arc which is from episode 43 to 51.

This arc features Boruto and Shikadai’s battle against a group of noble thieves. From episodes, 67 to 69 is the Chocho arc was focusing on Chocho herself.

Episode 112 to 119 is an arc that finally gives Konohamaru a love story.

The One-Tail Escort Arc goes through episodes 120 to 126.

Finally, there is Episode 60 featuring Sarada’s fight against Araya from the Hidden Sand.

It looks at a tough challenge the main heroine faces as she strives to get better.

That’s about it for the Boruto fillers, whether you plan to watch the Boruto fillers or not, make sure you enjoy this epic series which hails from nothing but the best of the Past Big 3 Shonen Anime!

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