AOT: Who Is Niccolo's Love Interest?

From hating each other to dying for each other, this is the story of Niccola and Sasha.

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Niccola is a fictional character in the anime Attack On Titan. The plot of Attack on Titan centers on a civilization inside three walls, the last location where humans still live.

Over one hundred years ago, humanity was driven to the brink of extinction after the emergence of humanoid giants called Titans, who attack and eat humans on sight.

The last remnants of humanity retreated behind three concentric walls and enjoyed nearly a century of peace.

To combat Titans, the country's military employs Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, a set of waist-mounted grappling hooks, and gas-powered propulsion enabling immense mobility in three dimensions.

Fan ships are a hot topic in the anime community, and everyone forms their own opinion about the ones that become mainstream or even when it becomes canon.

Niccolo is a former Marleyan soldier who served in Marley's Navy and was part of the first survey fleet to Paradis Island after the failed Paradis Island Operation.

After being taken captive, he begins working on the island as a chef for the Eldian military.

Niccolo was at first a very typical Marleyan, fearing the Eldians of Paradis Island and calling them devils.

He was very disgusted with having been captured by them and having to live by their side, but after spending a lot of time with the Survey Corps, he and his comrades have developed grudging respect and shaky friendships with the ones they once thought of as devils.

What Was Niccolo's First Impression Of Sasha?

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Niccolo at first disliked Sasha due to her being Eldian as he was Marleyan.

The people of Marley are taught that Eldians are devils and to fear Paradis Island which he believed in until he met Sasha.

The two are first introduced together in a flashback after Sasha's death. Niccolo is seen cooking seafood.

At first, the others were hesitant to eat it, since they've never seen seafood before. Sasha suddenly starts inhaling a lobster, sobbing and telling Niccolo that he's a genius.

Despite the fact that Niccolo said Eldians are not free to eat it, Sasha is amazed by the new foods.

Niccolo is taken back by her genuine compliment and blushes. But he tells her to have some manners and to eat more slowly since there is plenty more left. (it is implied that he falls for her at this moment.

Because of Sasha's compliment, Niccolo would use her feelings as a belief that his cooking can bring happiness to the people.

He also claimed that Sasha saved him from the war between Marley and Eldia.

After hearing the news when Sasha died, Niccolo went to go visit her grave but eventually gets harassed by the Military Police as he was Marleyan.

Jean and Connie stand up for Niccolo, and Connie thanks Niccolo for cooking food for Sasha as she enjoyed it a lot.

After paying his respect towards Sasha, her family arrives, and Niccolo offers to cook a meal for them as a way of respect.

Sasha's father also realized that Niccolo was the one who looked after Sasha which most likely proves that Sasha talked about Niccolo to her family.

When Niccolo finds out that Gabi was the one who killed Sasha, he tries to kill her. He is shown enraged and even trying to attack her with a glass bottle.

He tells Sasha's father to kill her, handing him a knife. (Mr. Braus ends up not doing it.

Chapters later, another Marleyan prisoner starts to call Niccolo a traitor for siding with the 'devils' as well for falling head over heels for Sasha.

He begins to insult Sasha which makes Niccolo become angry. Jean tries to hold him back as Niccolo was threatening to kill him for offensively talking about Sasha.

Griez eventually calls Sasha a 'wh**e' and then is later shot by Yelena in which Niccolo acts shocked.

While it is unknown if Sasha had any feelings towards Niccolo, the answer is most likely yes since the two were so close that even Kaya (a girl Sasha saved) believed Sasha and Niccolo were dating/in love.

What Do Fans Think About Niccosasha?

Most fans who see Sasha and Connie as a friendship more than romantically usually ship Nicosasha.

The fan works amongst this ship are usually Sasha and Niccolo cooking together as both are known to be something involved with food.

As well there would be fan art where Niccolo takes care of Sasha by cooking her favorite meals or Niccolo teaching Sasha how to cook different types of meals.

Although it's unknown if Sasha had feelings for Niccolo, most of the manga panels heavily hint that Niccolo had feelings for Sasha as the way he talked about Sasha and how she saved him.

But it's known that Sasha most likely talked about Niccolo to her family as her father asked Niccolo if he was the one taking care of his daughter and cooking meals, as well the scouts understood how important Sasha was to Niccolo.

In the anime, Niccolo brings white roses to Sasha's grave and white roses usually represent "young love and enteral loyalty" as well as everlasting love which most likely represents at the end Niccolo truly loved Sasha.

In the flower boutique of white roses, there were twenty-four roses which usually means "I will always keep you in my heart".

Most non-fans might oppose this ship due to Niccolo's racism against Eldians, however, Marelyans were taught about the bad about Eldians instead said in the storyline.

Niccolo was also shown to soften up to the Eldians after becoming close friends with Sasha.

Despite the fact, there was no such closure between them fans still ship them.

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