AOT: Who Is Hitch Dresyse's Love Interest? #HitLowe

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Fan ships are a hot topic in the anime community, and everyone forms their own opinion about the ones that become mainstream or even when it becomes canon. Hitch Dresyse is a fictional character of the anime Attack On Titan. '

The plot of Attack on Titan centers on a civilization inside three walls, the last location where humans still live.

Over one hundred years ago, humanity was driven to the brink of extinction after the emergence of humanoid giants called Titans, who attack and eat humans on sight.

The last remnants of humanity retreated behind three concentric walls and enjoyed nearly a century of peace.

Hitch Dreyse is a private of the Military Police Brigade stationed in Stohess District. She is a graduate of the 104th Training Corps, albeit not from the southern division.

Hitch acts immature in certain ways, she has a sarcastic, easygoing personality and seems to mischievously enjoy teasing and needling her fellow officers.

She claims she chose to join the Military Police out of laziness, as it is well known that the senior staff is incredibly corrupt and she wanted to benefit from the system herself.

However, she did not take into account that, as a new recruit, her superiors would dump all their work on her.

HitLowe- The Fanship

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Hitch and Marlowe are shown to be opposite from each other as Hitch can be quite immature and only joined the Military Police for her benefit, meanwhile, Marlowe joined for a different reason as he wanted to stop corruption in the military and do what's right and serve justice.

During the Female Titan arc, Marlowe watches a few high-rank Military Police officers illegally sell their equipment to the market in which Marlowe decides to stand up as he believed it was morally wrong to sell items that the people paid with their taxes which soon results in him getting beat from the higher ranks before Hitch has to intervene and apologize on Marlowe's behalf.

In the Uprising Arc the two are assigned a position to hunt down the remaining Survey Corps as they were called felons and the two were responsible to catch them and bring them for punishment.

The two are then ambushed by the two Ackermans by taking away their weapons and uniform, Hitch gets very angry blaming the scouts for the destruction in Stohess and that they're responsible for the 'death' of former Military Police officer Annie Leonhart, in which the two are both told Annie isn't dead and instead she's the reason why many people died, which both Marlowe and Hitch respond by being shocked.

The Survey Scouts (Connie and Sasha specifically) would tease Marlowe when he transferred from the Military Police to the Survey Corps by telling Marlowe that didn't Hitch stop Marlowe from joining the scouts that they're 'y'know what' implying they might think Marlowe and Hitch are in a relationship, completely oblivious Marlowe doesn't understand.

The scouts then proceed (except Mikasa and Eren) to call Marlowe an idiot implying that he doesn't realize that Hitch might be in love with him/have a crush on him.

Before Marlowe's death, his final moments were him thinking about Hitch and wondering how she might be still sleeping in but in reality, Hitch was worried and waiting for him to return home safely.

Why Are Hitch And Marlowe Perfect For Each Other?

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Where Hitch is stubborn Marlowe is smart. Hitch and Marlowe were quite the opposites to each other.

Marlowe was a serious and passionate person whereas Hitch is carefree and laid-back and would often tease him for his righteous morality.

Despite this Hitch has exhibited deep care for Marlowe when she furiously attacked Jean when the latter was threatening him and later tried to dissuade him from joining the Survey Corps on the mission to retake Shiganshina, fearing for his safety.

After hearing how Marlowe died during the mission, Hitch was visibly distressed. The fact that they didn't get the happy ending they deserved breaks everyone's heart.