Ano-Hana: How Did Meiko Menma Made Me Feel?

Anime May 3, 2021

Meiko Menma a girl from Ano Hana a story about six friends. Though separated by an accident but still connected by hearts. My friends always used to consider me cold-hearted. And even I started to believe this thing about me until one day my sister made me watch Ano Hana.

How Did Meiko Menma Made Me Feel? | Ano Hana
How Did Meiko Menma Made Me Feel? 

Every tear that I shed was worthy. The way the story was structured and animated in both the series and movie, is outstanding. I started watching it and could not stop crying by the end of it. Some of the scenes are so precious to me that I just cannot forget them until I take my last breath.

What makes me sad the most was that even though Jintan loved Menma so much, he was never able to confess it to her. Before he could tell Menma how he actually felt about her, she died. The most beautiful and emotional part of the entire series was the ending. The song “Kimi to natsu no owari” (secret Base) still rings in my mind.

The way Meiko Menma wrote letters for everyone telling them what she wanted to tell them for the last time was beautiful. When everyone read the letters, they were not able to hold back their tears and same happened with me. I cried with them, I smiled with them, I laughed with them.

The value this anime taught me was how a certain incident in our life can turn it upside down in a single moment.

How Is Death Inevitable? : Meiko Menma Honma’s Death

Meiko Menma Honma
Meiko Menma Honma

How after Meiko Menma died, everyone from the secret base never continued to be a member anymore.  Jintan’s life changed the most. He started living his life as a recluse. It actually reminded me of all the fun time I had with my friends. At the end my mind was filled with many scary real life questions. What if this happened with me? What if one day I lost a friend or someone I love? Why do our loved-ones leave us?

Death is inevitable. You cannot run from it or escape it. All you can do is accept it when it is your time.  Menma being Menma never had a single regret. At least she never showed her sadness in front of their faces. She always had a big smile.

Meiko Menma was so selfless that she literally became an inspiration to me and to so many people. Even after dying, she was always worried about her family. When she got a chance, she made sure to check up on them. The only regret Menma ever had was that she was not able to spend her life with her friends and family.

Menma was a completely unique person, always happy and optimistic but her fate had something completely different in store for her. Even in the end, everybody was sad about Menma finding peace but they were happy too. All of them believed that they would see Menma again. With this Jintan and everyone moved on with their lives as Menma’s appearance brought them hope.

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I would really recommend everyone to watch this series once as it will teach them how to value time and the presence of people in their life. No one is meant to be here forever. We all are here on this planet for a limited period of time. So lets just be happy and make everyone happy.

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