14 Anime To Watch If You Like The Vampire Diaries

Vampires are a common topic in a variety of media, and here are the greatest anime depicting the iconic blood-sucking species.

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It's hard to think The Vampire Diaries ended six years ago. Each season, TVD brought fans to new characters such as Caroline Forbes, Katherine Pierce, and Elijah Mikaelson.

Each character contributed something unique to the series, transforming it into the classic that it is today.

The Vampire Diaries has already concluded on a bittersweet note. We can't help but miss it at this point. But don't worry, we've got your back.

If you enjoy The Vampire Diaries, these are the top ten animes to watch.

14. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate is based on the manga created by Koua Hirano and is about the Hellsing Organization, a secret group dedicated to tracking down otherworldly monsters.

Integra Hellsing leads the organization in its war against the Nazis of Mellenium and Vatican operatives with the support of the formidable vampire Alucard.

Few vampire anime have had as much influence as Hellsing.

The primary characters, from Alucard and Integra to the recently turned vampire Seras Victoria, are fantastic, as are the villains, such as the psychotic Alexander Anderson and the repressive Major.

The art and animation are stunning, and the action scenes are both brutal and epic.

13. Castlevania

One of the most recent vampire anime to hit the scene is also one of the greatest.

Castlevania, based on the popular video game, tells the narrative of vampire hunter Trevor Belmont, who joins forces with the great mage Sypha Belnades and the vampire Alucard to preserve the world from vampires, night creatures, and necromancers.

Fans of action should go no farther than Castlevania, which offers some of the best fight scenes in any vampire anime. The artwork is stunning, and the lore of the series is extensive and complex.

While the enormous quantities of blood may turn off squeamish fans, the tale improves with each season, as Trevor and his allies combat villains ranging from Dracula to Death itself.

12. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is based on Hideyuki Kikuchi's manga series and follows D, a bounty hunter who is half-human and half-vampire and pursues members of his own kind.

When a strong vampire kidnaps the daughter of a wealthy merchant, D sets out to find her, but the mission rapidly proves to be more than he bargained for.

This animated picture has become a fan favourite for a variety of reasons. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, in addition to its magnificent art and intriguing scenario, deals with a lot of serious subjects.

Ideas like not casting judgment on others, loneliness, and empathy distinguish it from other vampire anime and raise it to cult status.

11. Seraph Of The End

Seraph of the End is a dark fantasy series set in a world where a mysterious illness has killed most of the human population, leaving only children under the age of 13 living.

Vampires rise from the ashes of the old world and kidnap many of the remaining children.

Yuichiro Hyakuya, one of the survivors, joins an elite vampire-fighting organization and sets out to rid the world of their wickedness.

Overall, Seraph of the End is a decent series that checks off a number of boxes that must be checked in order to be deemed a good vampire anime.

The combat scenes are fantastic, there is a slew of terrible cartoon villains, and there is enough humour to break up the otherwise dark plot. While the series finishes suddenly, it is still worth seeing.

10. Shiki

While not every vampire anime is frightening, some are truly awful, and Shiki ranks among the creepiest anime series.

It centres around Sotoba, a small rural village that begins as the site of a number of gruesome killings.

This coincides with the enigmatic Kirishiki family's arrival, and it soon becomes clear that supernatural forces are at work.

The term is derived from the Japanese word for "corpse demon", which aptly describes the show's portrayal of vampires.

Although the plot begins slowly, it gradually picks up speed and becomes more chaotic with each episode.

The fascination of the series comes in witnessing the residents of Sotoba come to realize there are monsters in their midst, in addition to good storytelling and terrifying imagery.

9. Strike The Blood

Strike the Blood, based on a light novel by Gakuto Mikumo, is a relatively forgotten anime despite having four seasons and nearly 50 episodes.

It follows Kojo Akatsuki, a vampire who inherits the fabled ability known as the Fourth Progenitor, and Yukina Himeragi, a Sword Shaman tasked with keeping an eye on the young vampire.

Kojo and Yukina become closer over the course of the series as they battle other supernatural beings on Itogami Island, a shelter for vampires and other monsters.

While it has been overtaken by other titles, it is still a good vampire series with good action and animation.

8. Blood Lad

Staz is a powerful vampire in the Demon World in Blood Lad, but unlike other vampires, he prefers the life of an otaku to take human blood.

Staz encounters Fuyumi Yanagi, a human who stumbles into the Demon World by accident, and after she dies and transforms into a ghost, he makes it his mission to help bring her back from the dead.

Vampires are usually portrayed as terrifying blood-sucking monsters, but Blood Lad takes a different approach, combining horror with over-the-top fun.

Its animation style and themes of coming-of-age lend it a more youthful tone that is approachable for fans looking for a new type of vampire story.

7. Blood+

Blood+ is the first show that many fans think of when they think of vampire anime. The tale is based on the 2000 film Blood:

The Last Vampire and follows Saya Otonashi, an anaemic amnesiac who discovers her blood is poisonous to vampires. She goes out with her trusty katana to rid the world of the evil blood-suckers and to find her past.

While the violent scenes are powerful, the series lacks the action found in other vampire anime. The show focuses on character development, notably Saya as she comes to terms with her duty as the chosen one.

The animation and music are both fantastic, and many fans still regard it as one of the best vampire anime on the market.

6. Diabolik Lovers

Yui Komori goes to live in an isolated estate, home to the six Sakamaki brothers—Shuu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito, and Subaru—a vampire family.

Though the siblings are initially perplexed as to why the girl has arrived, they eventually learn she is to be their new "sacrificial bride", in addition to their other, more sexual goals for her.

Yui instantly begins to wonder why her father would have sent her here and why she feels a strange, new aching in her chest after seeing the brothers.

Yui's life as a slave takes a terrifying turn in her new home, with each brother more vicious than the last.

Yui descends deeper and deeper into madness and ecstasy as her days grow into unending nights and each brother promises to make her his own.

5. Inuyasha

Kagome Higurashi's 15th birthday is turned upside down as she is dragged by a demon into the old well of her family's shrine.

When Kagome is sent back in time to a time when demons were a regular sight in feudal Japan, she finds herself relentlessly pursued by these nasty creatures, all of whom are for the Shikon Jewel, a little sphere containing immense power.

In the midst of this, Kagome meets Inuyasha, a half-demon kid who misidentifies her as Kikyou, a shrine maiden whom he appears to despise.

Inuyasha has a strong disdain for Kagome because of her similarities to Kikyou. However, as he realizes the dangerous situation they are both in, he sets aside his hostility and lends her a helping hand.

Unfortunately, the Shikon Jewel is shattered into fragments and spread across the nation during a battle for it.

Fearing the devastating effects of this tragedy, Kagome and Inuyasha embark on a perilous journey to rescue the shards before they get into the hands of the wrong people.

4. Monogatari Series

Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high school girl, survives a vampire assault thanks to the assistance of Meme Oshino, a weird man who lives in an abandoned building.

Though he was freed from vampirism and is now a human again, he still has superhuman healing skills and heightened vision.

Regardless, Araragi attempts to live a normal student life with the support of his friend and class president, Tsubasa Hanekawa.

When Hitagi Senjougahara falls down the steps and is caught by Araragi, the boy notices that the girl is unusually light.

Despite Senjougahara's protests, Araragi insists on assisting her, intending to request the assistance of Oshino, the very guy who had previously assisted him in his own plight.

Bakemonogatari follows Araragi as he strives to treat persons suffering from supernatural ailments through a series of stories involving demons and gods.

3. Vampire Knight

Yuki's earliest memory is of a stormy winter night when she was attacked by a rogue vampire and rescued by Pureblood vampire Kaname Kuran.

Yuki, the adoptive daughter of Cross Academy's headmaster, Kaien Cross, has become a vampire race guardian, protecting her childhood sweetheart, Kaname, from detection as he leads a group of vampires at the elite boarding school.

Zero Kiryu, a childhood friend whose hate for the animals that destroyed all he held dear has made him determined never to trust them, is by her side.

This coexistence appears to be a positive thing, but have the vampires genuinely repented of their deadly ways, or is there a darker truth behind their actions?

Nothing is as it appears in this world of mysteries. The cost of misplaced confidence may be greater than death. If Yuki genuinely discovers what happened in her past, will the truth hurt her more than not knowing?

2. Karin

Vampires have been around for generations, feeding on the life force of the unsuspecting at night. Karin Maaka, a high school student, is different even from her peers.

Unlike her vampire family, Karin has suffered from polycythemia since she was a toddler, a rare illness that causes her to generate enormous amounts of blood regularly.

And the more blood she develops, the more anaemic and lightheaded she becomes, eventually resulting in nosebleeds.

Her sole option? Force her extra blood on random strangers, which strangely makes these "victims" brighter and happier than before.

No one is the wiser with her siblings—Anju, her reclusive yet caring younger sister, and Ren, her womanizing elder brother—helping her skills remain hidden by modifying the memories of the impacted humans.

That is until Karin's freshly transferred classmate Kenta Usui suspects her activities.

To make matters worse, Karin notices her blood reacting strangely to Kenta's proximity.

1. Tokyo Ghoul

A deadly peril is invading Tokyo: flesh-eating "ghouls" who look just like humans and blend in.

Ken Kaneki, a reserved college student, hides his face in his studies to avoid hearing about the increasing disaster. When a lovely woman named Rize Kamishiro approaches him and asks him out on a date, his loneliness is shattered.

Kaneki discovers when taking Rize home that she isn't as sweet as she appears and that she has led him on with evil intent.

He awakens at a hospital after a heartbreaking struggle to learn that his life was spared by transferring the now-deceased Rize's organs into his own body.

Kaneki's physique begins to morph horrifyingly, transforming him into a human-ghoul hybrid.

Kaneki clings to his humanity as he embarks on his new horrific journey in the evolving brutal war between society's new monsters and the government agents who seek them.

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