5 Anime Shows That Teach You A Skill

Anime can teach valuable skills. From teamwork to emotional intelligence, here are five anime shows that teach practical skills.

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Five posters of anime that teach you a skill

Anime can be a great tool for education and inspiration in addition to being only for enjoyment. A lot of anime focuses on imparting useful skills that may be used in everyday life.

There are many things to learn from anime, from cooperation and leadership to emotional intelligence and fundamental survival skills.

This post will look at five anime programs that can improve your personal and professional lives by teaching you useful skills.

The chosen anime series span a variety of genres, including romance, science fiction, sports, and slice-of-life.

These anime series have distinctive plots and characters that emphasize the value of perseverance, hard effort, and tenacity in reaching success.

Each program has a different approach to imparting useful knowledge, making it a great way to learn new things while taking in the plotlines.

This article is ideal for anyone interested in learning something new, regardless of whether you are an anime fan or an inquisitive person seeking to broaden your knowledge.

Kuroko No Basket - Basketball

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Sports anime that centers on high school basketball is Kuroko No Basket. A collection of gifted high school basketball players, notably Kuroko Tetsuya, who is renowned for his evasive play style, are featured in the show.

Kuroko No Basket places a strong emphasis on the value of perseverance and hard work in reaching achievement.

Viewers may be motivated to invest the same amount of time in training and practice that the characters in the show do.

Kuroko No Basket also emphasizes the concept of cooperation and mutual respect, two qualities necessary for success in team sports.

Oregairu - Emotional intelligence

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In the slice-of-life anime Oregairu, Hikigaya Hachiman, a high school student with a pessimistic attitude to life, tells his narrative.

Hikigaya learns how to develop his emotional intelligence and create deep connections with individuals around him throughout the course of the series.

Oregairu emphasizes the value of developing empathy and an awareness of other people's viewpoints.

You can improve your emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication skills by watching the show.

The show also emphasizes the need of being honest and true to oneself, both of which are crucial for personal development.

The World God Only Knows - Speedrunning Games

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Unique anime The World God Only Knows blends romance and gaming.

The anime centers on the character Keima Katsuragi, a talented gamer entrusted with assisting real-life girls in resolving their interpersonal problems by capturing their hearts in virtual reality games.

In The World God Only Knows, the idea of speed running video games—which entails finishing a game as rapidly as you can—is introduced to viewers.

The program might motivate gamers to develop their abilities and discover fresh approaches to gaming. The World God Only Knows also emphasizes the value of tenacity and endurance in reaching objectives.

Doctor Stone - Basic Survival

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In the science fiction anime Doctor Stone, all people have been transformed into stone on a post-apocalyptic planet.

Senku, a brilliant scientist who is committed to reviving civilization and saving humanity, is the focus of the drama.

The basic survival skills needed for survival, such as hunting, resource collection, and shelter construction, are taught to viewers by Doctor Stone.

The program places a strong emphasis on the value of science and technology in addressing contemporary issues.

You can improve your survival abilities and gain knowledge of fundamental scientific principles by watching Doctor Stone.

Haikyu!! - Volleyball

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The focus of the well-known sports anime Haikyu!! is high school volleyball.

The program centers on Hinata Shoyo, a diminutive yet tenacious player who aspires to play volleyball professionally.

Viewers can gain knowledge about the value of leadership, endurance, and teamwork through Hinata's journey.

The importance of teamwork and knowing one other's talents and shortcomings is emphasized in the show.

Teamwork and communication are essential components in volleyball, and Haikyu!!'s characters illustrate this idea.

You may improve your leadership abilities and teamwork skills by watching Haikyu.

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How can watching Haikyu improve my teamwork skills?

Haikyu emphasizes the importance of working together and understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses, which are crucial aspects of teamwork.

How can Kuroko No Basket help me develop dedication and hard work?

Kuroko No Basket showcases the characters' commitment to improving their basketball skills through hours of training and practice, which can inspire viewers to do the same.

How can Oregairu improve my emotional intelligence?

Oregairu portrays the value of understanding others' perspectives and building empathy, which are essential components of emotional intelligence.

Can watching The World God Only Knows help me become a better gamer?

The World God Only Knows teaches viewers about the concept of speed running games, which can inspire gamers to improve their skills and learn new strategies for playing games.

What survival skills can I learn from watching Doctor Stone?

Doctor Stone emphasizes the basic skills required for survival, including hunting, gathering resources, and building shelter, which can be applicable in real-life situations.