13 New Anime Series worth Watching/Dropping in Winter 2022

With the new season out, which winter 2022 anime caught your eye? Which anime made it in your watch list?

Anime Series

New season, new month, a new year hence new anime seasons to enjoy!

The start of 2022 was exciting and brought so many new animes worth watching weekly, or if you can’t wait weekly, binge them once it’s completed.

Currently, Demon Slayer Yuukaku Hen and Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 are ongoing which created the craving to watch something new in between.

Nevertheless, even if you aren’t watching these two anime series in2022.

Fret not because there are several brand new series of different genres worth watching.

Do note, the recommendation list is based on Episodes 1-2 of the anime series.

13. Tribe Nine

Tribe Nine is a series that’s not suitable for a weekly watch, maybe perfect for a binge session.

The first episode wasn’t appealing as it introduces the concept of extreme baseball as a sport.

It’s a sports anime. The Minato tribe consists of the strongest baseball player Kamiya Shun.

Haru and Taiga ended up meeting Kamiya and having a match against other tribes.

12. Sabikui Bisco

Post-apocalyptic Japan check! Man-eating mushrooms double check!  

Sabikui Bisco introduces the Panda sensei Milo Nekoyanagi who’s treating people with the mysterious mushroom disease.

Meanwhile, Akaboshi Bisco is a wanted criminal known for spearing mushroom spores.

What is the truth? The anime is highly rated, however, episode 1 lacked the charm.

So, this is worth holding for now. Do watch it if you like the premise!

11. Tokyo 24 Ku

The 24th ward is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay.

Three friends, commonly known as RGB (because of hair color) lost their friend in a fire accident a year ago.

The criminal is still at large. After a reunion on the death anniversary, they receive a mysterious phone call to make a choice to change the future.

Who’s the caller and why did they help them?

10. Orient

The Shounen anime series is set in ancient Japan but with a twist.

The demons are worshipped in society and people are brainwashed. While the samurai or Bushi are marked as traitors who tried to fight the demons.

Musashi studies in the mining school hiding his true intention of slaying demons with his best friend Kanemaki.

Kanemaki is from a samurai descendant, so he has to face harsh treatment from society.

Secretly honing his swordsman skills, Musashi ends up slaying the demons and acts on the promise made with his bestie who comes to his aid.

9. Futsal Boys!!!!!

A new sports anime in 2022, Yes Please!!!! Futsal Boys is based on a timeline where Futsal has a sport that is famous.

 The episode begins with a U-18 match where Tenouji, a player shines in the match.

In case you’re wondering, Futsal is a real sport that is played with five team members. It is a mini version of football.

Watching the player, Yamato Haru becomes determined to play Futsal and surpass his idol.

He meets new interesting people in school and enters the Futsal club.

It seems like Tenouji might be a banned topic in his new club.

8. Sasaki to Miyano

Sasaki to Miyano was the most surprising and unexpected watch in Winter 2022 anime.

The anime series was quite good and different from the cliche anime series.

Miyano, an underclassman spends his time reading BL comics and ends up exchanging books with his senpai Sasaki.

Sasaki previously saved Miyano’s friend Kuresawa from getting bullied.

People often view Sasaki as a delinquent, but there’s more than meets the eye.

7. Slow Loop

Another slice of life anime series totally worth watching in 2022.

Honestly, the Slow Loop was an accidental find and one of the hidden gems and totally one of the best accidental discovery series this fall.

Two girls Koharu and Hiyori meet near the ocean side. Whether it was a coincidence or a fated meeting, only time will tell.

The girl becomes family through the parents’ remarriage.

Hiyori loves fishing; her father taught her that and now he has passed away.

Can the new family, her stepsister, and stepfather enjoy their new life with Hiyori?

6. Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku

The slice of life series Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku is a refreshing and surprising watch.

The story shows the protagonist Akebi Komechi, who entered the prestigious middle school where her mom previously studied.

After getting enrolled Akebi has only two wishes; to make 100 friends in school and wear the sailor uniform to school.

However, there’s a twist awaiting Akemichi, as the school uniform changed and does not allow the sailor uniform.

What will Akemichi do now?  Akebi-chan no Sailor-fuku is totally worth watching this fall so highly recommended!

5. Baraou no Souretsu

As a fan of Shakespeare, knowing that it was adapted from his work showing characters like Richard, Henry VI, and others in the middle ages of Britain, Baraou no Souretsu is highly recommended.

If you don’t like supernatural, historical or action series, feel free to skip it.

However, based on episode 1, the story seemed quite intriguing, showing the unseating of Henry VI, Richard’s father Lord Edward winning against the throne.

However, a little twist, as Richard is treated badly by his mother and thought to be “the devil” and mocked by Joan of Arc.  

This might be interesting to watch whether Richard can drag his family to darkness.

4. Hakozume: Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu

The comedy and slice of life anime series Police in a pod or Hakozume: Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu shows the daily life of two policewomen.

Fuji Seiko was demoted due to power harassment. She is sharp and quick, but her attitude is unwavering; so is her mouth.

She doesn’t hesitate to speak in a harsh tone. Meet Kawai Mai who ended up becoming a policewoman because she wanted a steady income and a government job.

She wanted to quit, but meeting Fuji changed her mindset.

3. Koroshi Ai

Love of Kill or Koroshi Ai is an action and romance 2022 anime series. The notorious killer Song Ryang Ha killed 18 high-class officials in a single night.

The bouncy hunter Chateau Danksworth is chasing him but who knows, she would get caught.

Now, Song Ryang Ha is chasing her heart and wants to get close to her. How will this game of love and death end for them?

2. Vanitas no Karte Part 2

Finally, the second part of the case study of Vanitas is out.

Vanitas no Karte part 2 will continue where part 1 left, and Vanitas and Noe begin their journey for the hunt of Charlatan’s parade and Gévaudan.

1. Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru

Another slice of life and romance anime in 2022. 2022 may very well be renamed as a slice of life, and it would be totally cool.

Gojou Wakana is interested in making traditional dolls.

A childhood trauma due to his friend who looked down on him left Gojou unable to share his interest with other people.

The loner Gojou’s secret gets discovered when the cosplayer Kitagawa Marin watches him sew in the club room.

Through an unexpected turn of events, Gojou ends up promising Kitagawa to help her make cosplay.  

Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru is totally recommended as a winter 2022 anime worth watching.

Thanks for reading!