Anime Scythe: Popular Weapon of Choice!

Anime Scythe: Popular Weapon of Choice!

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Scythe in any anime is the most popular choice of weapon due to several reasons. First reason being that scythe is very closely related to the death god or shinigami in Japanese culture. It also involves a sense of fear due to it. So, that is why mostly every other anime character seems to use scythe as his or her primary weapon. It is a very deadly weapon than any katana or sword and is a long range weapon due to its size.  We see various cute girls in anime pulling out scythe and swinging aimlessly in order to cut something as it is quite easy to do so with the help of a scythe.

Scythe in anime just makes the character more dangerous and attractive at the same time. Well in real life scythe have not much use as basically it is small scythe, big sized scythe are not produced in actual. In an anime it just looks more cooler. Scythe don’t possess enough offensive ability. But Scythe have defensive use too the best example can be the Scythe with chain where it is both used for offensive and defensive purpose. So, there are not many weapons in the anime which can act as both which makes it lot cooler than the other weapons.

There is use of small sized scythe in Roman culture and other ancient cultures too. But due to its size its not that compatible in real life where swords and axe can do the job much better. Producing long sized Scythe will just make it less compatible as in real life there are laws of physics due to which it becomes a pain to use a long sized scythe. But in anime where everything is larger than life we can imagine anything and make anything we want. So, in anime we can use Scythe as we like.

In the real life we have to take care of both weight and balance as it makes the most difference. For example if we are using a sword we can wield it with one hand as it is easy to hold a sword instead of a scythe. Just like that it is easy to use a katana which have perfect weight and balance. For the information the blade of the Scythe is on the inside so it is quite difficult to cut an object or a person during the wars which were fought in the past. In order to cut through a person the blade of the scythe have to literally pass through the body of the person which was not an easy task to do.

But the power point of view it is very effective as human possesses more raw strength so a person can swing the scythe using the momentum and through momentum he or she can also increase the weight of the impact. With the weight of impact the damage can increase. Long ranged weapons are both impressive and piece of art as it looks good from a far and from close distance too. A scythe in anime basically describes the darkness present in any character or in anime itself as scythe basically symbolises death.

It is weapon that is unbeatable and its power can destroy anything that just comes along the way of the attack which is shown very beautifully in the anime. Sometimes the character and his scythe is fully covered in the shadows which looks awesome from a viewer point of view. Even though in the past it was used for farming and some minor stuff but never for full blown action which was made popular only through the help of anime which makes it look badass and its back story of a grim reaper just adds to its destruction.

Due to overpowered scythe now every character which carries a it with him looks badass due to the weapon. This weapon holds this much significance nowadays. It is due to the writer how he imbeds emotions with the use of this particular weapon that makes it looks more badass. As every creator of the manga or an anime wants its character to look remarkable they does the job of adding this weapon with the character and makes it compatible with him or her.

The most interesting kind of weapon will be a scythe with a chain attach to it as mentioned earlier as it will be more practical in that sense. As scythe cant even cut properly in the real life scenario as its blade is inwards. Beheading someone in the past would have been a hectic task due to the un usefulness of the weapon as it would just drag you down along with it and you would not want a weapon of yourself be the point of your death due it’s lacking offensive ability. So thats why during the wars in the past scythe was mostly avoided.

But in the anime scythe is a different thing it full badass covered in the shadows symbol of darkness which everyone likes.