5 Anime Movie Recommendation | A Must Watch List

It is quite obvious because we usually get recommended to watch anime series more often. But committing to a series is equal to spending a lot of time, and not everyone can do so

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5 Anime Movie Recommendation | A Must Watch List

Every time you hear the word “Anime” you think of series instead of Movie. So, starting your journey with Anime Movies will definitely be gold.

It is quite obvious because we usually get recommended to watch anime series more often. But committing to a series is equal to spending a lot of time, and not everyone can do so.

That’s why, if you are new in this field of entertainment and don’t want to spend too many hours watching 100 + episodes then this is the right article for you.

This may be Fate…….  😉

Anime Movies can give you the same experience as the Anime Series. The rich colors and vibrant characters, the diverse stories with a moral and a theme, shown in an easy-manner as they leave you in the world of anime for quite some time. Isn’t that what we want from movies.

So, here is a list of my personal Anime Movies recommendation you can begin with.

Anime Movie list

Castle in the Sky

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Studio Ghibli released Castle in the Sky in 1986, one year after they established the studio. Blockbuster when released the movie tells the story of the 19th century. A boy and a girl and their hope to find the castle in the sky, this is the storyline of the movie.

The dialogue and conversations which reflect the characters and their roles is another reason why you should most definitely watch this Anime movie.

In this Corner of the World

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Anime Movie made on the theme of Hiroshima during WW II is the story of a survivor named Suzu after experiencing the atomic bomb. The movies showcases the life of ordinary Japanese people during the darkest time of their history.

They released the movie in 2016 and adapted it from the manga serialized from 2007 to 2009. The movie was again released in a different version in 2019.

A Silent Voice

Ever wonder how the world sounds like to a deaf person. (don’t get offended)

A Silent Voice brings a theme that is Sensitive to address in society. Tangled in the story of Shoya Ishida, the bully, and Shoko Nishimiya, the deaf girl, he bullied in elementary school, are the theme of bullying, suicide, disabilities, and many more.

Don’t worry the development is as beautiful as it can get.

The anime movie was adapted from a manga of 7 volumes and released in 2016.

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Ghost in the Shell

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Released as early as 1995, the movie falls in the genre of Science Fiction and Cyberpunk. Set around the year 2030 with advanced scientific technology, the story follows Public Security Section 9 including Major Motoko Kusanagi who is in pursuit of a hacker.

With themes like self-identity and ethical impacts, the story is a futuristic movie with incredible details.

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The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Nominated for Academy Award, Studio Ghibli released this anime movie in 2013.

A heart-wrenching movie; the story is about the mysterious Princess Kaguya who arrives and bring joy to her parents who adopted her. Princess Kaguya revealed to be an ethereal being gives us a story of the beautiful relationships she built in the mortal world.

The movie shows how humans cherish their emotions and treasure the relationship they build.

A heartfelt story of a relationship between parents and their child will leave you weeping mess. You better prepare some tissues.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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