Anime Hairstyles For Women | Top 12 Best Female Edition

Anime hairstyles for women

Welcome back to the second edition of anime hairstyles. In this edition, we will cover the best anime hairstyles for women. Let’s check out which anime hairstyle is the best in the female anime category. Will we get diverse hairstyles? Can we implement those hairstyles in real life? Ladies, prepare yourself to check out some cool and awesome hairstyles. Do note that this list is purely for fun and is a randomized list. No hate, please!!! Enjoy the list and let’s hope your favorite character made it with their hairstyle. Hope you also get some hairstyle inspiration from them. Let’s begin !!!! 

Top 12 Best Anime Hairstyles For Women


Anime hairstyles for women

Sakura from Cardcaptors has one of the coolest anime hairstyles for women. She is from the famous 90s anime series but her hairstyle is quite modern. Don’t you agree? Even as a kid, her hairstyle piqued my curiosity. 


Sakura Haruno

Anime hairstyles for women

Yes it’s another Sakura Haruno but from the Naruto series. The pink haired kunoichi definitely has beautiful hair and elegant hairstyle. Whether it’s short or long hair, Sakura can definitely pull it off. Try Sakura’s hairstyle women!!!! Don’t wait, it’s a must try for people with medium to long hair length.


Riza Hawkeye

Anime hairstyles for women

The Fullmetal Alchemist Lieutenant is dangerous and stylish. See her casually breezing her hair and off to kill the enemies with her flexible and dangerous style. What’s the secret of her stylish hair. Riza Hawkeye definitely has the best anime hairstyles for women and it’s a must try for hair length similar to her.


Rukia Kuchiki


If you’ve short hair and are looking for a hairstyle, look no further. Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach has the cutest short anime hairstyles for women. The shinigami from Soul Society does have an appealing hairstyle. What do you think??!


Hinata Hyuga


The Shy Hinata Hyuga has a secret charm. The Kunoichi from Konoha has a beautiful hairstyle. No wonder Naruto couldn’t take her eyes off her. If you’re considering a hairstyle change do try her style. It rocks.




The beat from One Punch Man definitely has a weird but nice hairstyle. Wonder if it’s because Tornado is a psychic, her hair is always glowing and flowing. The beautiful green and thick hair makes up for the beautiful anime hairstyles for women.


Yuri Jahard


The high ranker and the Jahard princess certainly carries herself with grace. If you’ve long hair and want to try something different, Yuri Jahard’s hairstyle is the best reference material. 


Winry Rockbell


Winry Rockbell from the Fullmetal Alchemist series has arguably one of the best anime hairstyles for women. It’s simple, it’s pretty and stylishly cute. 


Lucy Heartfilia

Anime hairstyles

The celestial wizard from Fairy Tail has many pretty outfits with versatile hairstyles. Lucy Heartfilia’s blonde and beautiful hair looks so Pretty. Her fringes and pony tailed hair makes her look so cute.

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Anime hairstyles

The Hyakka leader and Kunoichi from Yoshiwara has a deadly hairstyle with a deadly charm.  Her hairstyle can be easily tried. It looks quite neat and compelling don’t you think?!!!

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Erza Scarlet

best anime hairstyles for women

The Fairy Tail deadly wizard Erza Scarlet has a beautiful red hair that is long and thick. Only Erza can pull off this look. Her hairstyle is definitely a must try. 

Matako Kijima

best anime hairstyles for women

The Kiheitai Subordinate from Shinsuke’s faction has a cool hairstyle. It’s simple and pretty neat.  Her hairstyle is a must try if you have long hair and like fringes.

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