All Of Us Are Dead Kdrama | What Happens In The End?

All Of Us Are Dead Kdrama | What Happens In The End?

group of young kids holding their weapons to kill unknown creatures

There's a strange silence in the aftermath of the bombs dropped on Hyosan. The majority of the zombies are ash.

Those few survivors have been irrevocably changed by what they have witnessed, as Su-Hyeok, Nam-Ra, and On-jo discover when they return to the construction site to look for Cheong-san and find it deserted. It's time to say farewell. It's time to leave.

"All Of Us Are Dead" has reached its conclusion.

Are Gwi-Nam and Cheong-San dead?

This season's finale of "All of Us Are Dead" begins with a bleak shot of a construction site. The floor is littered with bodies, including the infected horde and both Gwi-Nam and Cheong-San. These guys are definitely no longer alive.

Assemblywoman Kim rips up her resignation letter at the quarantine centre, refusing to be a part of this devastation.

Simultaneously, the poor girl Jae-Ik saved sobs, while Jae-Ik himself looks on in disbelief at what has occurred.

Meanwhile, On-Jo and the other survivors return to the construction site in search of Cheong-San.

She is still hoping to find her childhood friend. Nam-Ra can't smell anything and encourages On-Jo to leave, which is probably a good thing.

What happens in town? Who survives the fight?

The soldiers arrive early in the morning and swarm the area. Despite the fact that they have bombed the high street, everything is surprisingly intact as they move between the stores in an attempt to weed out any survivors and kill the zombies left behind.

It isn't long before Nam-Ra and the others arrive in town. They are astounded by how clean the area is and how little blood is on the streets.

Nam-Ra appears to be able to detect zombies, in addition to her enhanced hearing and unexplained superhuman craziness.

She leads the group down back alleys into town, where the kids decide to arm themselves and fight back. There are also a lot of zombies, and this truly feels like a last stand.

It's complete chaos, and Wu-Jin is bitten while saving Ha-Ri in the ensuing skirmish. Nam-Ra uses her abilities once more after killing Wu-Jin to persuade the others to flee.

Nam-Ra, on the other hand, continues to struggle with her own dark desires, with the voice inside her head urging Nam-Ra to feed.

What happens with Nam-Ra?

Nam-Ra tries to compose herself away from the group, bashing her head repeatedly and biting her wrist to satisfy her hunger.

Su-Hyeok notices Nam-Ra has vanished and rushes back to find her. On-Jo joins him when they discover the girl eating one of the deceased infected.

Nam-Ra eventually flees after pouncing on On-Jo, determined to get away from the others and resist her desire to feed on them.

Meanwhile, Dae-Su, Ha-Ri, and the remaining survivors reach the soldiers and surrender.

They are immediately taken to the quarantine zone, and without Seon-Moo present, it appears that they will not be killed.

The kids, on the other hand, are less than cooperative.

They all remain tight-lipped about what happened after being abandoned on the rooftop and left to die, aside from admitting that Byeong-Chan started this by kidnapping Hyeon-Ju. They simply want to be released.

What happens during the time jump?

We then fast forward four months. The party leaders have decided not to hold a hearing on the Hyosan bombing and have declared martial law to be lifted.

It's been a long time coming for the survivors, but they're still in quarantine, so it's not the happy ending they were hoping for.

In the middle of the night, On-Jo rushes over the wall to pay her respects to Cheong-San and the others. She tries to move on, leaving snacks by a tree.

However, there is a faint, flickering light in the distance. It appears to be a campfire.

Who started the fire? Where is Nam-Ra?

On-Jo catches up with Su-Hyeok in the quarantine camp. She relays information about the campfire and believes it could be Nam-Ra.

Su-Hyeok immediately decides to accompany her because she is going out that night. And, of course, all the other kids get ready to go as well.

The gang eventually makes it down to the school's ruins. They discover a fire on the roof. Nam-Ra appears as the crowd gathers around it. She admits she has missed them all, but she will not join them.

How does All Of Us Are Dead end?

Nam-Ra informs her that there are others like her, and she plans to join them. Could these people be the ones infected by Gwi-Nam?

On-Jo tries to keep her around, but Nam-Ra promises to stay friends after a weak smile... and leaps from the roof She detects the presence of others nearby and abandons them all to stare in awe.

This one has been a bit of a mixed bag, but at least the ending does its best to wrap things up.

It's always difficult to end a zombie show without feeling like there is unfinished business, and bombing the city was a good enough way of killing off the majority of the zombies there.

It's not perfect, but despite its flaws, it's been a fun ride. For the time being, All Of Us Are Dead concludes with a concluding chapter that is likely to be as well-received as the series as a whole.

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