All Of Us Are Dead Kdrama | How Does The Infection Spread?

How Does The Infection Spread?

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The first episode of All of Us Are Dead begins with Jin-Soo, a student who is bullied at school. Jin-Soo strikes back and snaps while raining and under the neon sign of a cross. He launches himself at the other kids with contorted limbs... and plummets to his death.

He is still alive and has been taken to the hospital with serious injuries. However, he is not himself, and his father, Byeong-Chan, arrives and notices him growling and snarling. He apologizes while holding a Bible before beating his son down. But it's not enough, and he's still alive.

We then skip across the street to Hyosan High School. The science lab, in particular, where a crazed rat inside a cage bites a girl named Hyeon-Ju.

Byeong-Chan appears as she holds her bleeding finger. This appears to be his lab, and when he notices Hyeon-Ju's cut, he closes the door and imprisons her.

After his son went missing, rumors about Byeong-Chan began to circulate. Kids say he smells like a rotting corpse, and since Jin-disappearance, Soo's he's become increasingly crazed and erratic.

If that includes tying up that bitten student and holding her captive inside his lab, then he's definitely insane.

It's here that we begin to relax a little and get to know some of these students. On-Jo is a bright, optimistic child, but her father has no expectations for her academic success.

There is no pressure, and he admits that everyone is equal – especially since he works as a paramedic and sees life-threatening injuries on a daily basis.

Cheong-San is one of her best friends, and he clearly likes her. He doesn't show it, however, and instead treats her harshly.

That, however, pales in comparison to Gwi-Nam, the school bully. He's the person we saw beating up Jin-Soo at the beginning of the episode.

He shifts his focus to a couple of other kids, including Eun-Ji, whom he forces to strip naked, and Cheon-Su, whom he forces to film.

Su-Hyeok shows up and tries to stop it, but the kids are scared and give in to the bullies' wishes.

Unfortunately for Eun-Ji, who is now subject to Myeong-will, Hwa's things only get worse. While in class, he scribbles on her t-shirt in English, "I'm not sexy."

While Eun-Ji excuses herself, Hee-sun also does so because she is feeling ill and needs to see the nurse.

Hyeon-Ju stumbles out of the lab she's been kept in, clearly infected. The teacher dials the hospital with bloodshot eyes and snarls. Hyeon-Ju smells like a rotten corpse, according to the other kids.

The paramedics arrive, led by On-Jo's father, to transport Hyeon-Ju. On-Jo bids her father farewell for the last time. Hyeon-Ju isn't herself, and she's been taken to the city's heart.

Unfortunately, when Byeong-Chan realizes Hyeon-Ju has vanished, he is shocked and requests that she be quarantined.

However, as a result of his kidnapping, he is approached by several police officers and arrested. While this is going on, we find out that Hyeon-Ju bit the school nurse.

It doesn't take long for her to turn, her arm swollen with black veins from the bite. Gwi-Nam notices her convulsing on the floor and begins filming her. His companion is immediately bitten and turns.

We cut from the drama downstairs to Eun-Ji on the roof in a really slick one-shot take.

She wants to flee her living hell, but just as she is about to jump, several infected students tumble out the window in front of her, shattering glass and snarling viciously.

The number of infected people continues to rise, posing a particularly serious problem for the students in the canteen.

I-Sak, Cheong-San, Sy-Hyeok, and On-Jo are among them. Things have gone from bad to worse for the latter as an infected arrives and pins her down.

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