All Of Us Are Dead Kdrama: "10 Most Shocking Plots"

The whole drama had everyone on-hook but we can't forget the breath-taking scenes of this zombie apocalypse drama.

the students of the high school in their uniform carrying weapons

Zombies fans rejoice: your favourite new show has arrived. Netflix has released the highly anticipated K-Drama horror series "All of Us Are Dead".

All Of Us Are Dead follows a group of high school students who are trapped inside their school while a zombie virus spreads outside the four walls that keep them safe.

The whole drama had everyone on-hook but we can't forget the breathtaking scenes of this zombie apocalypse drama.

10. The Chaos Of The Outbreak

We see a quiet calm before the storm in the first episode of "All Of Us Are Dead." The virus spreads after Hyeon-Ju is bitten by one of the Science Professor's hamsters.

The science professor turns out to be a complete moron. He infected the hamsters with a virus, and when one of them bit Hyeon-Ju, the storm subsided.

Later, Hyeon-Ju bites the School nurse, and the chaos caused by the outbreak becomes unbearable.

9. I-Sak Turn And Dies

But that's okay! A zombie apocalypse is terrifying, but what if your best friend turns and dies? That's when you realize how much pain you're in. While fleeing the zombies, everyone devises a strategy to find an empty room.

Everyone found and reached an empty room with the help of a climbing rope thanks to On-Jo's brilliant plan. They had no idea, however, that zombies were following them in the same direction.

The room was invaded by zombies. As the zombies begin to attack everyone, I-Sak becomes collateral damage.

After I-Sak turns, she loses control and begins attacking her own friends. On-jo had to let her go, no matter how difficult it was for her.

8. Ji-Min Finds Her Parents

Before they carried out their next plan, everyone was in for an excruciatingly painful scene.

Anxiety mounts when Cheong-San fails to return to the broadcasting room. On-jo and Myung-Hwan decide to get the drone from the science lab in order to find Cheong-San.

They were successful in both obtaining the drone and locating Cheong-San. With the help of the Drone, everyone decides to see what was going on outside.

That's when Ji-Min is confronted with harsh reality. Ji-Min discovered her parents' car. When the drone zoomed in, she discovered her parents had turned.

7. Cheong-San Sees His Zombified Mom

Another traumatic event occurred while Jim-In was recovering from her unhealed wound. The group intends to flee the school during the storm. Cheong-San discovers his zombified mother while fleeing.

Her mother smiles at them at first, then attacks all of them. Unaware that the Zombie who is attacking them is Cheong-mother's San.

They are all attempting to defend themselves by beating her. Cheong-San loses control of his emotions and tries to save her mother, but there is nothing left to save. She had long since vanished.

6. Joon-Young Is Bitten

As the series progressed, many survival plans were devised. One of them was trying to get out of the sports room.

Even though they were all successful in escaping the school danger, it still hung over their heads.

Getting out of the sports room seemed to be one of the most difficult tasks. But, much to our relief, Nam-Ra, the president, devises a plan.

While adhering to the plan and preparing all of the necessary materials. Joon-Young and Mi-jin get into a fight that seemed unnecessary at the time.

Joon-young accepts responsibility for anything that happens to them in the heat of the moment.

Because he already knew there was nothing he could do to save himself, he decides to sacrifice himself in order to save his friends. And yet another friend perishes.

5. Eun-Ji Eats The Dean

Eun-Ji is bitten, but she transforms into a completely different being. She was able to keep herself from turning, but she had the appetite of a zombie.

Eun-Ji, Nam-Ra, and Gwi-Nam were later revealed to be half-human and half-zombie.

As hunger strikes, Eun-Ji decides to go in search of food. She searches the medical room and discovers the dean hiding there.

As she ate the goldfish from the aquarium, she recalled how the Dean ignored her when her fellow beings were sexually assaulting her. She loses control and eats the dean as she remembers all of her memories.

4. The Rescue Was Called-Off

The actual time came after so many calls for help. But they had no idea about the storm Eun-Ji had caused at the relief center. Eun-Ji went to the relief center after being rescued by the detective.

She ran into her friend and ate him. That's when everyone realized the virus could evolve and become asymptomatic.

The rescuers landed on the roof and promised to save them once their mission was completed.

As The mission was completed and they were about to save the group that's when the high officials called it off. They were hesitant to trust them because of Eun-Ji's condition.

3. Gwi Nam Turns... But Survives

Oh! The level of hatred we all have for Gwi-Nam is unrivalled. Even Human Gwi-Nam was difficult to deal with, but when he turned, the situation became unbearable. Despite being bitten by zombies, Gwi-Nam never turned into one.

It was frightening how much he resembled Eun-Ji. As Cheong-san left him to die in the library, all he wanted now was vengeance.

But things took an unexpected turn when, despite being thrown out the window, he didn't die. That's when we realized Gwi-Nam posed a genuine threat to everyone.

2. Na-Yeon Infects Geong-Su

First and foremost, kudos to Lee Yoo-Mi, who portrayed Lee Na-Yeon in "All Of Us Are Dead" and Ji-Yeong in "Squid Games." As much as we adored her as Ji-Yeong, we can't deny our hatred for her in "All Of Us Are Dead."

She died in Squid Games in order to reincarnate as a bitch in "All Of Us Are Dead." Gyeong-Su's death was one of the most pointless deaths in K-Drama history.

Despite the fact that he was scratched by one of the Zombies, he never showed any symptoms until Na-Yeon wiped his hand with the Zombie Blood Handkerchief.

When Na-Yeon infects Gyeong-Su, he goes insane and, eventually, is thrown out of the window.

1. Hyeon-Ju Breaks Her Own Back

OH OH!! Damn the cracks Hyeon-Ju had in her back. One of the most heinous scenes in the drama is when Hyeon-Ju acts completely inhumanely.

Hyeon-Ju is taken to the hospital as soon as she is discovered to be in poor health. In the hospital, she loses control and breaks her own back while waiting for her MRI.

Well! That's it for this article. The whole drama was breathtaking.

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