All Of Thor’s Love Interests In Marvel Comics

The Asgardian heir has had very unconventional and strange romances over the years. Let's take a look at Thor Odinson's dating history throughout the Marvel comics.

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thor and sif

Thor’s list of lovers is as vast and diverse as Asgard itself. The mighty Thor,  travelling across worlds and more often than not saving them, comes across romantic entanglements with mortals, superheroes, gods and even enemies alike. Moreover, his love stories turn out to be…complicated and dynamic than most Marvel characters. Let’s have a look at the romantic escapades of the God of Thunder, Thor Odinson.


Yes you read that right, however, we are talking about Earth 1610 here. The Ultimate comics had some weird things going on for it. Hela commanded Thor to face her army of undead troops in order to free Valkyrie from Valhalla.

Thor inquired if there was anything he could do to return to his beloved Valkyrie after facing an onslaught of adversaries, and while Hela was undressing, she replied she desired an heir. Reluctantly, Thor complied.

Hela gave birth to Modi Thorson who is corrupted as he grows up and is eventually killed by Thor.


Thor had taken Jennifer Walters out on a date before Empyre Fallout in Avengers #11 (2018), which started out awkwardly. After all, Savage Island was the setting! Thor's preferred form of amusement is watching 'battle dragons' battle it out. 'I'm starting to see why you've been single for centuries,' Jennifer says, bored and dissatisfied. Despite the difficulty, Thor manages to explain his genuine emotions for her, winning her heart and kissing her.

In 2020's Empyre Fallout: Fantastic Four #1, Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) and Thor date each other for a short while.

Captain America

Alright, things get a little bit dicey on this one. Jane Foster (as Thor) and the new Captain America (Sam Wilson nicknamed Falcon) had a tumultuous relationship. Jane used a mask to hide her identity, unlike her masculine counterpart. Both exchanged a kiss in the All-New, All-Different Avengers series, which appeared more like a spontaneous decision at the time.

Jane and Sam appeared to have a nice and mutual friendship in the following editions. Despite the fact that their texting history suggested it was a sexual one. Sam used to visit Jane during her chemotherapy sessions after learning her true identity, providing much-needed emotional support.

Their relationship, whatever its actual nature maybe was a pretty wholesome one. It's just that most fans felt the two were better suited to have a platonic relationship.


Lorelei is the younger sister of Amora the Enchantress, a sorcerer. Loki picked Lorelei to seduce his long-time foe, god of thunder Thor, his stepbrother. Lorelei, who had a strong physical attraction to Thor, didn't take much convincing to consent to Loki's plan.

Lorelei concocted a love potion that, if consumed, would force Thor to fall madly in love with the first woman he met, who turned out to be Lorelei after a few tricks.

Amora was not pleased with these developments, so she cast a charm on Lorelei, causing her to fall in love with Loki. Thor was absolutely enraged when he saw Lorelei with Loki and this ended up breaking the spell over him.

Jackie Lukus (Bloodaxe)

Bloodaxe's identity was initially a mystery, as the character's alter ego was represented in shadow or as a silhouette in all early panels. The mortal alias was revealed to be Jackie Lukus, a confidant and love interest of Thunderstrike's alias Eric Masterson, only after Bloodaxe was defeated.

When the mortal Eric Masterson assumed the identity of Thor, Bloodaxe confronted him for the first time. When the actual Thor returned, Masterson resurrected as Thunderstrike and battled Bloodaxe once more.

Love can get really really complicated for the God of Thunder sometimes.

Shawna Lynde

Donald Blake's (Thor’s alter ego) former classmate Shawna Lynde is now a physician. While Blake had recently lost his job and Lynde was residing in Chicago, they reconnected at one point.

As a result, Donald Blake and his alter ego Thor relocated to Chicago and operated out of that city for a while. During that time, Shawna Lynde and Donald Blake became good friends, and they may have developed feelings for each other. However, Shawna discovered Donald (actually Thor) was also dating his sister (actually Sif). Eventually, Thor disappeared on her and erased her memory of him. Not the worthiest Thor Odinson moment.


Brunnhilde was chosen as Odin's Valkyrie to carry the spirits of the soldiers who died in combat with dignity to Valhalla. Odin asked her to kill Siegmund (Tho'r incarnation with a pregnant wife) and Brunhilde declined. Siegmund still ended up dying. Brunnhilde tried to safeguard his pregnant wife as a final resort. Odin was enraged and proceeded to wipe Brunnhilde's memories, who subsequently fell in love with Siegmund's son Siegfried (who was again a mortal avatar of Thor).

Brunhilde's heavenly abilities and immortality were taken away from her as a punishment for her previous rebellion, and she was placed into a trance. Siegfried, the son of Siegmund and Sieglinde and a mortal reincarnation of Thor, eventually reawakened her. Brunnhilde and Siegfried fell in love, but Siegfried was swayed by magic and deceived her. Brunnhilde, still in love with Siegfried, plunged into his scorching funeral pyre in a Romeo-Julietesque fashion. Siegfried and Brunnhilde were brought back to life by Odin, who restored their heavenly roles, powers, and near-immortality as Thor and the Valkyrie while erasing their memories.

Valkyrie (Earth 1610)

Valkyrie is Thor's main love interest in the Ultimate Comics universe of Earth-1610. This version of the character didn't have any superpowers and was a normal human being at first. However, by the time the two become a couple in the Ultimates 3 event, she has.

Valkyrie had a calming influence on the Ultimate Thor, who had been far more egotistical and violent than his Earth-616 counterpart up to that moment. The couple’s bliss only lasted for so long. Thor flies to Valhalla to reclaim Valkyrie's soul after she dies in the notorious Ultimatum incident. Thor is ready to do whatever it takes to save her, however, ultimately, Valkyrie dies at the hands of Loki allowing Thor to return back to Earth.

The Enchantress

Amora (The Enchantress) sought unsuccessfully to seduce Thor when he earned his human identity of Don Blake and subsequently ordered the Executioner to dispose of Jane Foster, the mortal lady whom Thor then loved. Thor rescued Foster and defeated the Enchantress and Executioner at the same time.

The Enchantress has tried numerous times to seduce Thor using her magic, with most of her attempts failing. Thor had once been asked by Odin to attract his attention so that he could end his flirtations with Jane Foster. Enchantress' potions were ineffective once again.

Thor does, however, fall for Amora in a Thor story willingly (Thor vol. 2 #50) while he colonises and dominates Earth. Both of them had a child named Magni, but Thor is dissatisfied with his reality and believes his existence is dishonourable. Hee flies back in time to warn his younger self, thereby altering their future relationship.

Jane Foster

When Thor was on Earth as Dr. Donald Blake, he came across Jane Foster, his nurse at the time. The two fell in love, however, Odin did not approve of a mortal being Thor’s partner. He sought out to thwart their romance many times. Once he gave Jane Asgardian powers challenging her to function like a God, which she understandably failed. Odin then sent her back to Earth, erasing all memories of Thor.

Jane then dated and eventually married Dr. Keith Kincaid. Jane Foster actually has a pretty interesting arc of her own. At some point, she ends up holding Mjolnir and becoming Thor herself. While she seems to have her own path to follow, it often crosses paths with the God of Thunder leading to complicated situations every now and then.

Lady Sif

Sif and Thor had been childhood sweethearts, and possibly Thor’s one true love. However, Thor's adventures on Earth and contacts with Jane Foster had a significant impact on their on-again, off-again romance. Odin even attempted to arrange a marriage between the two, but the plan never materialised.

The oddest part, however, is how Sif rescued Jane's life in Thor #236 when Jane was on the verge of death for her own selfish reasons. Sif fused her life energy with a severely ill Jane to bring her back to life in order to figure out why Thor was attracted to a mortal in the first place. With Lady Sif set to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder along with Jane Foster as the new Mjolnir-wielding Thor, things might get pretty interesting in the new movie.