All Of Are Dead Kdrama | Controversies On Sexual Assault & Bullying

What are the controversies faced by "All Of Us Are Dead"?

zombies climbing down from the building

With every release of new dramas, K-drama fans get to see new controversies. Just like this time, The all-new famous zombie K-drama raises controversies over school bullying and sexual assault.

"All Of Us Are Dead" depicts a tense battle between students transformed into zombie hordes and struggling survivors. The remaining students are attempting to survive the incident.

They must use the objects and equipment around the school–lamps, bookshelves, even bows–to protect themselves from the hordes of zombies in the midst of a battleground, as they have no food or water and their internet and landline have been cut off during the incident. Otherwise, they will be absorbed into the horde.

Since the first day of its release, Netflix's original series "All of Us Are Dead" has been dogged by controversy. This is due to the fact that excessive sexual violence descriptions, regardless of content development, were broadcast without censorship.

Immediately following its release, various online communities flooded with articles highlighting the sensationalism of some scenes in episode 1.

In a contentious scene in the middle of episode 1, male students who commit school violence remove one female student's school uniform and order another male victim to film her with a cell phone. The schoolgirl is wearing only skirts and covering her breasts with her hands in this scene.

Lee Soo-hyuk, the main male student, appears at this point. He attempts to bring out the two victims, but the perpetrator threatens, "You came out XX sexy". I'm your mother's Facebook friend. "Do you want me to send this to your mother?" The victim girl eventually shakes off the student who saved her hand.

With a resigned expression, she removes her clothes in front of the perpetrators, saying, "If you keep doing this, you will get it twice tomorrow."

The scene is criticized for the drama's sexual objectification of minor victims. "When dealing with crime-related stories, hurting victims is not art, but an offense", said one netizen.

"To criticize sex crimes, the scene itself should not be portrayed as pornography." I'm not sure why the scene was included in the final cut.." said another.

Some netizens expressed concern that uncensored scenes depicting school violence and sexual assault could be seen and copied. Above all, the controversy grew because the scene was not included in the original webtoon.

'All of Us Are Dead' tells the story of zombies infiltrating a school and students fighting for their lives. Critics pointed out that unnecessary settings were included by including excessively provocative scenes that had nothing to do with the overall plot of the drama. '

Despite the fact, of how beautifully the story was written or directed, this particular issue is a big red flag for the drama. Glorifying sexual assault should never be done especially when it comes through media since it is used widely.

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