Alchemy of Souls Season 1 Ending Explained!

Did Alchemy of Souls Season 1 have a happy ending?

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The wait for several weeks is finally over with Season 1 Alchemy of Souls. Of course, there is a season 2 which will be out soon, but nothing like the Alchemy of Souls  Season 1 ending which left us literally hanging with a cliffhanger.

With so many unresolved issues and constant dilemmas faced by Mu Deok/Naksu and Jang Uk, things are troublesome. Expecting a happy ending is quite unbelievable and unfathomable for Alchemy of Souls Season 1 .

What happened to Jang Uk? Which characters stay alive till the end? Will Naksu make a comeback? Will Bu Yeon have a reunion with the family? The wedding bells are ringing, but for whom? Will Kim Do Joo have a happy ending with Park Jin? Will Seo Yul survive?

What happened to the mystical power?

Trapped within the barriers of the ice stone, Jang Uk and Mu Deok maintained their promise and did what was best for both of them. The only problem or start of the problems was none other than the crown prince Go Won who might really become a marionette of Jin Mu.

Jang Uk willingly sacrificed all his powers to break the barrier and the credit went to the crown prince. The only person quite unhappy was the crown prince himself. It was quite an unexpected scene to witness when Jang Uk literally disclosed Mu Deok as his teacher in front of the crown prince. He literally has to be dumb not to connect the dots by now. Oh well, all the scheming and shenanigans, it’s Jin Mu who’s winning.

Who’s getting married?

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What fans would love to see in Alchemy of Souls Season 1 is Jang Uk and Mu Deok’s wedding. If not at least Kim Do Joo has her happy ending with Park Jin. Oh well, the dumb, dense and oblivious Park Jin really wished Ms Kim a happily ever after with Master Lee Cheol.

Luckily the damage was undone when Park Jin mustered his courage and confessed his feelings for Ms Kim. A happily ever after for this couple while a heartbroken Master Lee Cheol watches from the sidelines.

Of course, Jang Uk and Mu Deok will have a wedding so far as the news is concerned in the capital. The real couple experiences the wedding bells uniting the Jin and Park family. Jin Cho Yeon and Park Dong Gu were soon to tie the wedding knots if fate would allow.

Did Alchemy of Souls Season 1 have a happy ending?

The very simple answer is yet undefined. The concept of a happy ending in the drama would be quite far-fetched and obviously won’t be achieved with Season 2 releasing soon. What went down was torment on fans with no wedding, a stabbing Naksu/Mudeok, Jang Uk dying and the crown prince obviously going mad or worse. So curious about what went down.

Which characters are dead?

Unfortunately, Jang Gang died as a result of soul shifting and trying to atone for his sins. The next in line of death is Jin U Tak, Jin Cho Yeon’s father. Jin U Tak committed suicide to protect his sister in the body of the queen.

Well, he didn’t die on the first try because a more brutal fate was awaiting him. Jin Mu was exposed in front of the King and the Crown Prince. Unfortunately, the crown prince was blind-sighted thanks to Jin Mu. Too bad for Jang Uk and Mu Deok as he figured out that she is indeed Naksu.

What happened to Seo Yul?

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The previous fight left him hanging at death’s door but thanks to So Yi’s not so needed intervention, she gave her cursed blood to Seo Yul making his wounds not fully well. In simple words, his wounds became worse and in a worst-case scenario, Seo Yul now might be susceptible to Jin Mu’s mind control tactics, who knows?

What happened to Mu Deok/ Naksu & Jang Uk?

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Can there be a worst tragedy than Romeo & Juliet? Meet Jang Uk and Mu Deok. Jin Mu used his knowledge and observation skills to use the shaman’s bell to wreak havoc and control the soul shifter Naksu.

Losing control and in rage, Naksu in Mu Deok’s body killed Jin U Tak first right in front of Cho Yeon and Park Dong Gu. Next on the deathbed was none other than Jang Uk who was stabbed to death. Poor Jang Uk kept his word and tried to stop Mu Deok from losing control.

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With Park Jin witnessing Naksu’s mess, everything was exposed. Jang Uk was burnt but wait, he is protected from plot armour coming back to life. Mu Deok on the other hand jumped into the lake, the grave of soul shifters but can be seen being lifted by two different versions of Mu Deok, making Naksu not so dead or so we hope.

Jang Uk emerges alive from the pyre and leaves everyone speechless. This leaves the theory of him being protected from the ice stone and might be back in full power mode. Previously, Jang Uk lost all his powers but this was quite nicely dealt with.

What about Jin Bu Yeon?

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The only one who never got a proper ending will be Jin Bu Yeon. It’s bad timing maybe but Jang Uk realized that Mu Deok could be the high priestess (Jin Bu Yeon) but never got to tell her. Jin Ho Gyeong realized Mu Deok was her daughter with Naksu’s soul shifted in her but too late.

It’s perfectly blended chaos. What would be more interesting is to witness the importance of the couple's jade ornament shared by Jang Uk and Mu Deok. They had a pair of blue and red, and it’s worth noting when Jang Uk came back from the dead (fire) and Mu Deok jumped into the lake (blue).

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