5 Amazing Facts About Sheele, The Airhead Assassin


Sheele is a member of The Night raid, an assassination squad working to overthrow the corrupt Empire. Her appearance on the show was relatively short-lived.

However, her presence lingered in the mind of the characters and viewers until the very end. Here are some facts about the assassin with scissors that make her truly unique.

1. Sheele is an Airhead but…

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When we are first introduced to Sheele, she seems like a complete airhead.

She forgets the most basic things and is very clumsy and careless.

No one can trust her with the simplest of house chores. One could say she doesn’t seem suited for a job as an assassin.

However, we soon realize her attitude and personality change completely when she is in a battle.

She doesn’t hesitate in killing her enemies and is quite proficient at it too.

She believed “getting rid of society’s scum” was the only thing she was good at.

2. Her past

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Sheele grew up in the low districts of the capital.

Her clumsy nature caused many people to consider her useless throughout her life.

This isolated her from nearly everyone. She made a friend who didn’t mind her personality.

However, this friendship was short-lived. A jealous ex-boyfriend attacked her friend.

Sheele murdered her ex-boyfriend to defend her, effectively ending their friendship in the process.

This led to the discovery that Sheele had an unusual talent for killing.

Soon thereafter she is attacked by a group of goons to exact revenge on the earlier man’s death.

They had already brutally murdered Sheele’s parents. However, Sheele did not falter.

She was able to kill all of them quite easily. The Revolutionary Army scouted and recruited her shortly thereafter.

3. Relationship with Tatsumi

sheele comforting tatsumi

When Tatsumi first joined the Night Raid, he wasn’t very welcomed by all the members.

Moreover, he was traumatized by the recent and horrific deaths of his friends.

Sheele was the first one to reach out to Tatsumi. She comforted him and let him mourn his departed friends properly.

This helped Tatsumi greatly and soon he was even able to warm up to other members of the squad.

That goes to show how kind and considerate Sheele was to a complete stranger.

4. Her Imperial Arm

Sheele wielded an Imperial Arm in the form of a massive pair of scissors known as Cutter of Creation: Extase.

This is said to be capable of cutting through any material. She could use its trump card to shed a bright light on it.

Due to her unusual attitude and natural talent for killing, she has also proven to be ruthless in combat.

Incidentally, in a life-or-death fight, she could think clearly and kill enemies without remorse.

5. Sheele’s legacy

seryu and sheele

Seryu assaulted Sheele and killed her in the process of Sheele trying to save Mine. Seryu’s weapons were cut off in the process.

However, this allowed Mine to gain insight into Seryu’s movements, which would be crucial during their second showdown.

Night Raid as a whole was affected by her death. Even the usually stoic Akame broke down completely in front of Tatsumi.

Tatsumi and Mine both vowed revenge on Seryu.

When Tatsumi and Mine discover Kaku with Extase, they are outraged by his use of Sheele’s former arms.

Eventually, the two manage to destroy him, reclaiming the Imperial Arm.

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