Akame Ga Kill: 4 Facts About Esdeath, The Ice Queen

Esdeath is one of the antagonists in the fantasy-action series Akame Ga Kill. She is a high-ranking general of The Empire.

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Akame Ga Kill: 4 Facts About Esdeath, The Ice Queen

Esdeath is one of the antagonists in the fantasy-action series Akame Ga Kill. She is a high-ranking general of The Empire. When the fear of the Night Raid rose amongst The Empire, Esdeath was called in. She was then appointed to be the leader of Jaegers , a group meant to assassinate the assassination squad. Here are 4 facts about the stone-hearted beauty.

*Spoiler warning for Akame Ga Kill*

1. Esdeath was a kind child

Young Esdeath

To casual viewers of the show, it can be hard to picture a young, pure of heart Esdeath. However, it is revealed that Esdeath was born in the snowy North. During a tragic event, her entire clan was slain and she was the sole survivor. She started living by her father’s philosophy – The strong survive, the weak die. This led her to become a strong but apathetic person later on.

2. She is the strongest in The Empire

Esdeath rose through the military ranks rapidly thanks to her strength and cunning. The Prime Minister eventually gave her the choice of choosing a Teigu. She saw one that was apart from the others and felt it calling to her, so she chose it. One glass of it would have been sufficient. However, She drank the entire bottle instead. Esdeath would gain the title of Empire’s Strongest after taming the Teigu.

How Strong is Esdeath?

Esdeath was considered the finest soldier in the Empire's army and one of the world's strongest, She single-handedly overpowered the entire Revolutionary Army consist of over 100,000 soldiers including ten Teigu users.

Esdeath has faced many formidable opponents through out the show’s run. She was undefeated right up until the end.

3. She cared for her companions

Esdeath and jaegers
Esdeath and the Jaegers

Well, only kind of. Esdeath has shown no regard for her subordinates’ lives on multiple occasions. She was however tactically smart. If a battle got out of hand, she would ask her subordinates to retreat and not die in vain. However, her selfish desires often got the worst out of her. This was proven when converted the Empire in a Frozen style Winterland as part of her plan. Najenda pointed out that Esdeath’s subordinates would be put at risk. Esdeath seemingly dismissed this with a wicked smile.

Despite all of this, before her final battle, Esdeath dedicated her fight to the fallen Jaegers. So maybe the Ice-queen did have a soft spot for her subordinates after all.

4. Esdeath was looking for Love

Esdeath and Tatsumi

After all sadistic heartless monsters have a heart too? Make no mistakes, Esdeath was cruel to the core. She genuinely enjoyed torturing and killing people. She was once responsible for burying over 400,000 people alive. When she gets recruited by the Prime Minister to form the Jaegers , she explicitly expresses her desires of finding the right man.

Who does Esdeath fall in love with?

The sadistic general discovers Tatsumi when he competes in (and wins) the fighting tournament that she had set up. Completing the general's criteria with his pure smile, Esdeath falls in love with him at first sight.

She holds a tournament to determine the new wielder of Extase. Tatsumi participates in this hoping to gain some intel and money. Esdeath is captivated by his warm smile and gets immediately infatuated with him. She puts a collar on tatsumi and takes him away to be “her man”, not knowing he is a member of the Night Raid. Tatsumi eventually manages to escape. The two keep crossing each others paths. Tatsumi however, never returns her affections in the same way. She continues to love Tatsumi right up until her final moments in the show.