Air Gear Manga: Is It Really Interesting?

Air Gear Manga is a Japanese shonen manga series written and illustrated by oh great. Air Gear revolves around the life of Itsuki Minami, Lil Crow and his friends.

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By Akash
Air Gear Manga: Is It Really Interesting?

Air Gear Manga is a Japanese shonen manga series written and illustrated by oh great. Air Gear revolves around the life of Itsuki Minami “Ikki or Crow”, also known as “Baby Face”, “Lil (and Little) Crow”, and his friends. The story follows their use of Air Gear, an in-universe invention derived from inline skates. Initial sections of the plot carries out the introduction of characters that eventually join Ikki. As the story progresses, it focuses on their roles as Storm Riders and their quest to be on the top of the Trophaeum Tower. The pinnacle that all Storm Riders hope to reach. The manga was serialized in Kondansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine from November 2002 to May 2012.

Air Gear Manga was adapted into an anime television series produced by Toei Animation , which aired on Tv Tokyo from April to September 2006. A 3-episode original video animation(OVA), titled Air Gear: Break On The Sky produced by Satelight, was released from November 2010 to June 2011. Air Gear Manga has over 18 million copies in circulation and won the 2006 Kodansha Manga Award in the shonen category.

Air Gear Manga starts off with a new fad by the name of “Air Treks” (a futuristic evolution of aggressive skating) has swept the nation’s youth and all over gangs are being formed that compete in various events using their A-Ts. Ikki is a middle-school boy who is the toughest street-fighting punk on the east side of town and part of the gang “The East-Side Gunz”.

He lives with four adopted gorgeous sisters who took him in when he was a kid. But what Ikki doesn’t know is that the girls are part of one of the most infamous A-T gangs, “Sleeping Forest”. It does not take long before Ikki finds out about the world of Air Treks and is propelled into a fate he had not foreseen, learning about his past and making a number of storm riding allies on the way.

All of the characters are drawn well and have somewhat different personalities. However, nobody is unique in the sense that you’ll be like Whoa! I have never seen that in any other anime before." As you will find that a lot of the personalties people have can be compared to other characters in other anime shows. Again, character development is mainly measured by development in their Air Trekking skills. There really isn’t too much of a change in personality in each character to give it much distinction.

Overall, if you are looking for an intense, action-packed sport, look no further than Air Gear. The big disappointing thing I have with this show is that the first 25 episodes cover only a very small portion of the manga and I have yet to see any updates in a season 2 of the show. So I don’t know the status of the future of Air Gear at the moment.

The only aspect of this show that I really enjoyed was the back story between Rika and Sora. It was extremely touching, and I wouldn’t have minded if the show was only about them. I honestly hated the other character and found them to be mainly anime stereotypes, Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus if you will. I think the series would have been so much more enjoyable if the characters were more interesting and more original.

If you want a great show with an interesting plot and great characters, turn around and look somewhere else. If you’re looking for boobs every other minute, be my guest and plow through all twenty-six episodes of this disaster.