Again My Life Kdrama | Is Kim Hee Woo Dead?

Who is Kim Hee Woo? Who is Cho Tae Seob? What happened to Kim Hee Woo? Who is the Red Dressed Lady?

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After a long wait, finally, we can enjoy Lee Joon Gi’s brand new Kdrama in 2022. Lee Joon Gi is back with Again My Life Korean Drama airing on SBS. The actor is playing the role of Kim Hee Woo, a just and honest Prosecutor trying to fight corruption head-on against the influential person Cho Tae Seob.

Cho Tae Seob is the epitome of crime and corruption and is infamously known as the “King Maker”. Again My Life Kdrama is based on a Manhwa created by Lee Hae Nal published in Kakao.

After the death of his parents, Kim Hee Woo has dedicated himself to serving justice but what roadblocks will he face? Will Kim Hee Woo pay the price for justice with his life? Is Kim Hee Woo Dead? Who killed Kim Hee Woo? Who is responsible for Kim Hee Woo’s death? Can Kim Hee Woo turn back time?

Who is Kim Hee Woo?

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Kim Hee Woo is a crazy prosecutor who would do anything to serve justice. His methods can be rash and ruthless but he will serve justice.

At a young age, Kim Hee Woo lost his parents in a hit-and-run case where the culprit was never caught. Kim Hee Woo who was at the lowest tier of his class kept persevering and after the third attempt cleared the bar exams.

Kim Hee Woo even learned martial arts to train himself harder to become strong. He became a ruthless prosecutor who earned the title and was recognized by people who should fear him.

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Kim Hee Soo was preparing a case against Cho Tae Seob who is an extremely powerful and influential person in Korea. After many attempts, Kim Hee Woo secured a witness against Cho Tae Seob and called him for questioning.

Kim Hee Woo is a brave and fearless prosecutor who fights to eliminate injustice, but little did he know what future awaits him. Gotta admit Lee Joon Gi is flawless in the role of Kim Hee Woo as if the role was made just for him.

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Not only that, Lee Joon Gi looks like a vampire because he hasn’t aged a bit. He looks not only young and very believable when he played the role of Kim Hee Woo in high school or the time before he became the prosecutor.

It’s just a difference in looks and outfits, but Lee Joon Gi clearly suits the role of a young high school student and an aged version of Kim Hee Woo. A huge shout out to the make-up team as well.

Who is Cho Tae Seob?

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Cho Tae Seob is one of the most powerful people in Korea. Cho Tae Seob runs the all influential Cheonha Group, a typical evil corporate, but strangely loved by the public.  

He was behind the person supporting the President and even has blackmail material to control him. There’s absolutely nothing to prevent him from doing what he wants. A typical Kdrama villain we can’t help but hate.

Can Kim Hee Woo succeed in detaining Cho Tae Seob?

the culprit and the prosecutor

After securing a witness and preparing a case against, Cho Tae Seob, Kim Hee Woo sends an official warrant to question him. A confident Cho Tae Seob was unflinching and casually visited Kim Hee Woo.

Kim Hee Woo’s superior didn’t approve of him bringing in Cho Tae Seob. it felt like his superior, Kim Seok Hoon could be one of Cho Tae Seob’s lackeys, only time will tell.

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The meeting between  Cho Tae Seob and Kim Hee Woo was quite entertaining to watch. Both of them were quick to exchange insults and didn’t hesitate to throw some sass to taunt each other.

Nice going! Unfortunately for Kim Hee Woo, he was soon to lose the case because Cho Tae Seob sent his lackeys to take care of the witness. The most unexpected thing was Kim Hee Woo running to track the witness only to be caught in a bigger mess and trap.

What happened to Kim Hee Woo?

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It’s almost like a game, fight with lower-level demons to face the final boss. Kim Hee Woo fought two lackeys to meet the ultimate assassin who might kill Kim Hee Woo.

They engage in a fight and when it looked like Kim Hee Woo might win, there’s a complete 180-degree turn. Oh damn, because the unnamed villain injected drugs into Kim Hee Woo and pushed him to his death.

the assassin under the orders of someone

Yep, Kim Hee Woo is dead. The person responsible for killing Kim Hee Woo is the assassin under the orders of Cho Tae Seob.

Oh well, RIP Kim Hee Woo. So much for fighting injustice when the biggest injustice is dying so unjustly. His death was only the beginning, the killer planned to turn him into a drug addict who committed suicide. Talk about the irony in life.

Who is the Red Dressed Lady?

the grim reaper and the main lead

Guess life isn’t so unfair after all. Kim Hee Woo who was dead just minutes ago received a miraculous revival thanks to an unknown Red Dressed Lady. She could be an angel or Grim Reaper who gave one more chance to Kim Hee Woo to turn back his life and catch Cho Tae Seob.

The Grim Reaper turned back time and Kim Hee Woo returned back in the past. How will this change impact Kim Hee Woo and others?  

The duality of Lee Joon Gi as the young version and older version is flawless. When the grim reaper turned back time, not only did his appearance change, his entire demeanour changed as well.  

So far, Again My Life Kdrama is pretty fast-paced which is one of the best things. Not only that, the cast and characters are well presented. There are no boring scenes so far and the acting of veteran actors like Lee Kyoung Young in the role of Cho Tae Seob was phenomenal.

Of course, you can’t get enough of Lee Joon Gi in the role of Kim Hee Soo who’s sassy, confident and elegantly charming with a silver tongue. Do watch Again My Life currently airing! Again My Life is available in Rakuten Viki and Viu app. Have Fun streaming.

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