Again My Life | Is Perfect Revenge Possible for Kim Hee Woo?

Who betrayed Kim Hee Woo? What happened to Han Ji Hyun/Grim Reaper? What happened to Cho Tae Seob?

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The popular SBS Korean drama starring Lee Joon Gi has us whipped for the 8 weeks. The Kdrama Again My Life has finished airing recently. Overall, the expectations from the Kdrama were high, and the drama delivered what it promised.

Although some minor loopholes were present, we can ignore them because the drama was more or less perfect. Kim Hee Woo, the male lead came back from death and had a second chance in life to go ahead to ahead against the corrupt politician Cho Tae Seob.

Through intricate planning, plotting, backstabbing, and massive betrayal what will Kim Hee Woo do?  Is perfect revenge possible for Kim Hee Woo? Can Kim Hee Woo win against Cho Tae Seob? Which characters will betray Kim Hee Woo?

Which characters get the “Retributive Justice”?

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Kim Hee Woo managed to successfully save many people from his previous life. Learning from his previous mistakes, Kim Hee Woo turned his life around. With the knowledge of the past and remaining one step closer than Cho Tae Seob.

The first on the chopping block was Jang Il Hyun and his so-called fiance. Unfortunately, Kim Hee Woo couldn’t nab Choi Kang Jin or his father. The next person to face karmic retribution was Kim Seok Hoon.

Thanks to tons of evidence and a press conference by Kim Han Mi, people unlocked the secrets of Kim Seok Hoon’s wedlock and dirty affairs.

The prosecutor was ambitious and greedy beyond the limit. Assemblyman Gu Wook Chung who was previously spared was dragged down along with Kim Seok Hoon. There were some brutal casualties as well.

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Kim Hee A’s father Chairman Kim Gun Young was killed by the Cho Tae Seob. Sadly, his lifeline was cut short which Kim Hee Woo didn’t expect.  The fatal blow on Cho Tae Seob was dealt when his right-hand man Kim Jin Woo was caught red-handed.

Things became complicated when Kim Jin Woo committed suicide instead of tuning against Cho Tae Seob. This is some crazy level of blind devotion. RIP “Mr Shady-Right-hand Man”.

Who betrayed Kim Hee Woo?

It might sound absurd, given his tight inner circle, but betrayal is inevitable. The first to team up with Cho Tae Seob Lee Min Soo. Lee Min Soo had his own agenda trying to nab Mirae Electronic's, Jeon Il Bo. He was responsible for ruining Lee Min Soo’s dad’s life.

Unfortunately, Cho Tae Seob was the prosecutor who prosecuted Lee Min Soo’s father. Lee Min Soo did work together with Kim Hee Woo to drag down Kim Seok Hoon.

The next to go down the solo path was Jeon Seok Kyu who replaced Kim Seok Hoon on the corporate ladder. Jeon Seok Kyu didn’t really betray Kim Hee Woo, and in reality, was worried about him facing Cho Tae Seob alone.

Cho Tae Seob had suspicion about Kim Hee Woo, but never quite figured it out. It’s funny how Lee Min Soo didn’t really betray Kim Hee Woo in a plot twist and helped Kim Hee Woo reach his aim.

What happened to others?

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There were casualties on Kim Hee Woo’s side as well. Kim Hee Woo’s closest confidant, Park Sang Man ended up becoming Cho Tae Seob’s target when he tried to help Kim Hee A. Sadly, the assassin got the best of Park Sang Man and pushed him off the rooftop.

Park Sang Man was fatally injured but didn’t die. He survived but Kim Hee Woo was too late to prevent it. Maybe, he had foreseen how things would go down, so he tried his best to protect Park Sang Man.

After the accident, Kim Hee Woo openly challenged Cho Tae Seob. He resigned from the post of the prosecutor and joined politics. What an escalation, this was unpredictable.

Cho Tae Seob vs Kim Hee Woo

Now that the charades were up, Kim Hee Woo joined Assemblyman Hwang Jin Yong’s party to fight tooth and nail against Cho Tae Seob.

Kim Hee Woo openly challenged Cho Tae Seob in front of the nation and brought him down. Thanks to others' help especially Lee Min Soo who helped to fake the fake allegations to paint Kim Hee Woo as a corrupt individual.

What happened to Han Ji Hyun/Grim Reaper?

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The final nail in the coffin was done by Han Ji Hyun when she disclosed everything in front of the media teaming with Kim Han Mi.

Han Ji Hyun and his brother (Mr Assassin) were saved by Cho Tae Seob as kids, but it was all a deceptive plot to win the nation.

Both siblings were arrested not before Mr Assassin tried to kill his own sister. Thankfully, Kim Hee Woo intervened in time to save Han Ji Hyun.

Again My Life Ending

What happened to Cho Tae Seob?

Knowing things won’t work out for him, Cho Tae Seob didn’t wait long. His desire for money, power and fame cost him his life. Unable to accept defeat and national downfall, Cho Tae Seob went missing. 

Cho Tae Seob was later declared dead due to suicide. His body was never shown but in a scene when Lee Min Soo and Kim Hee Woo were talking, he confirmed the DNA records. The chapter of Cho Tae Seob was over.

The politics game made Kim Hee Woo and Kim Hee A pretend a fake couple going to get married soon. It was fake, but they started dating for real. Everyone planned for a Bali trip sponsored by Kim Hee A.

Pretty nice ending. The ending was surprising and had an open ending. A new person replaced the powerholder showing, Cho Tae Seob can be replaced. All the former minions and corrupt people had the invitation where they discussed big plans.

People were scared of Kim Hee Woo, and a distant Kim Hee Woo watched them. This was a pretty open ending and who knows if the writers want they can make a season 2. Nothing is stopping them. Again My Life was quite an amazing Kdrama of 2022, do check it out!

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