Adamas Kdrama Ending Explained!

What happened to Song Soo Hyun?

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Ji Sung starring in TvN Korean Drama Adamas had kept us in wraps till the very end episode. The drama was unique and Ji Sung’s double role portrayal of Ha Woo Shin and Song Soo Hyun was quite contrasting.

The sole purpose of the twin brothers to avenge their father’s killer while defending their biological father was quite a complex twist.

The ending of Adamas Kdrama left so many questions about the fate of the Twins and the priced possession of Adamas. Who will Adamas end up with? What happened to Song Soo Hyun? What will Ha Woo Shin do? Will justice be served in the end? What did Eun Hye Soo plan?

Ha Woo Shin and Lee Chang Woo

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Fate played a cruel joke when the twins swapped places. Knowing well they were walking into a death trap, Song Soo Hyun left Ha Woo Shin with Lee Chang Woo.

Unfortunately for them, SIH had a mole which resulted in Lee Chang Woo’s death. Kang Hyuk Pil did arrive on time with reinforcements but it was already too late for the father and son.

It was quite an irony that the real Adamas was always in Song Soo Hyun’s possession but no one ever knew. With Eun Hye Soo’s plotting, Chairman Kwon Jae Kyu died leaving her the chance to control the Haesong Group.

Eun Hye Soo was quite an unpredictable character in the series. Her motivations and actions were unknown as she had both Team A and Ha Woo Shin wrapped under her thumb.

Who was Haeong’s Ruler?

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As much as it’s ridiculous and unthinkable, maybe poetic justice at the end. After Chairman Kwon Jae Kyu’s death, the golden keys to the kingdom didn’t go to the murdering son Kwon Hyun Joo.

Outsmarted by his wife, Eun Hye Soo who not only used the assassin Yoon Sun to render him paralyzed. The dream happy ending for Kwon Hyun Joo and Yoon Jin was cut short. While Ha Woo Shin made a deal with Eun Hye Soo to trade Adamas with Team A Lee Joon Kyung, it might be too late.

What Happened to Song Soo Hyun?

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With places swapped and Song Soo Hyun walking in the trap to collect evidence, Team A Leader Lee Joon Kyung was one step ahead. Bloodthirsty for his brother’s death, Lee Joon Kyung wanted revenge and the man who earned his hatred was none other than Song Soo Hyun.

A battle between them where Lee Joon Kyung gained an upper hand. It’s too late for Ha Woo Shin, Kim Seo Hee, and SIH to save Song Soo Hyun. Song Soo Hyun disappeared without a trace.

Lee Joong Hyun insisted that he killed Song Soo Hyun as revenge but his body was never found. At this point, Song Soo Hyun is dead or MIA but clearly trapped somewhere. Ha Woo Shin and Kim Seo Hee couldn’t find Song Soo Hyun’s trace no matter what they did.

In a desperate attempt, Ha Woo Shin threw Adamas back at Eun Hye Soo, but it was still vain. Everything was blamed on the dead chairman and Lee Joon Kyung who still didn’t disclose anything to Ha Woo Shin.

Is Song Soo Hyun Dead?

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That was the burning question in Adamas Kdrama. After a possible time skip, Ha Woo Shin received a mysterious letter to find Adamas. Finding Adamas could lead to his missing twin brother Song Soo Hyun. This is quite confusing and misleading.

Why would the sender ask to search for Adamas when Ha Woo Shin traded Adamas and gave it back to Eun Hye Soo? Does it mean, it wasn’t the real one in the first place?

Could the dead Lee Chang Woo or Song Soo Hyun replace the Adamas as a safety measure? The ending scene showed Ji Sung’s character with Adamas on the beach. What does it mean?

Could it be Ha Woo Shin? If it was Ha Woo Shin and if he already had Adamas, the letter would make no sense. Clearly, the mysterious letter indicated the connection between Admas and Song Soo Hyun linking them together.

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So, it’s possible that the person in the ending scene wasn’t Ha Woo Shin but his twin elder brother Song Soo Hyun. He could have survived maybe done a trade with Lee Joon Kyung. If it’s Song Soo Hyun, it makes more sense if he possessed the Adamas.

The sender of the letter could be either Song Soo Hyun or anyone who wants the real Adamas back. At this point, it’s quite debatable if Song Soo Hyun is dead or alive. Could Ha Woo Shin have been hallucinating or could he really have the Adamas in the first place?

There’s no clarity or closure for either fans or Ha Woo Shin. At this point, it’s mere speculation and could possibly hint at a season 2 of Adamas. The ending of Adamas was confusing and bittersweet as the twins were separated.

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