Ace Of Diamond: Takigawa Chris Yuu, BTS influencer of Seidou

Ace Of Diamond: Takigawa Chris Yuu, BTS influencer of Seidou

Takigawa Chris Yuu is a retired Seidou Baseball team catcher. He was in his third year when Eijun joined the team. Chris received the role of manager, after his shoulder injury, to guide the team.

Takigawa Chris is a handsome boy with brown eyes. In his years at Seidou, his brown hair was styled slick back with two strands of curly hair hanging on his forehead. In Act II, after retirement, Chris is sporting a short hairstyle.

Takigawa Chris Yuu – Shoulder Injury

Chris is an uncompromising and hard-working player. This passion addition to the pressure of being the son of a famous baseball player crushes him.

Takigawa Chris is himself a famous catcher. His talent in strategy and his defense and leadership skill makes him a formidable catcher. Chris also was the only freshman who made it to the first string with his potential.

Takigawa Chris Yuu is the son of a famous baseball player known as the Animal. He inherited his father’s passion for baseball. The invisible pressure and stress began to take a toll on Chris which led to his shoulder injury.

While the injury is common in the sports world, in Chris’ case the trainers realized his worsening injury too late. Chris hid his pain and kept on playing because of his position as a starting (main) catcher. As a result, he tore the tendon near his shoulder and wrist (subscapularis tendon and pronator quadratus). Takigawa became unable to throw the ball which is a part of the catcher’s job to help the team.

Chris went through rehabilitation and exercises under his father’s observation and instruction. His father initially wanted him to leave Seidou because he held them responsible for Chris’s injury. He changed his view after realizing that Chris too loves the sport just like he did.

Main Catcher

Ace Of Diamond: Takigawa Chris Yuu, BTS influencer of Seidou

In the series, it is glaringly obvious how big of a fan Sawamura Eijun is of Takigawa Chris Yuu. But, Miyuki Kazuya as a part of his Fanclub, is also worth remembering.

Chris is a generally soft-spoken person with a calm and mature personality. As a manager and self-reflection coach, he always helps the pitcher reflect on their performance during the game.

Miyuki’s admiration towards Chris began when he played against him in Junior High. Chris’ was the only team that Miyuki led his team against and lost. Initially, Miyuki wanted to compete against Chris for the role of starting catcher. However, Chris was already suffering from his shoulder injury and this resulted in Miyuki receiving the position of starting catcher.

Miyuki was not particularly thrilled about the change of events because he wanted to earn the position. His knowledge about Chris’s injury and his admiration and support for Chris is enough to set off his temper when Sawamura complaints about having to pair up with Chris.

The “Shishou”

Ace Of Diamond: Takigawa Chris Yuu, BTS influencer of Seidou

Sawamura Eijun and Takigawa Chris Yuu had a rocky start. Both were not happy to team up with each other. Chris tells Sawamura that he will never be the ace with Furuya Satoru in the team.

Eijun as well tells him “You’re the one who has given up on returning to the first string. So I don’t want to be lectured by someone like you. No matter how high the wall is, I will never become a soulless player like you.” Chris tells him not to become like him.

Eijun after his confrontation with Miyuki goes to apologize to Chris, with his head to the floor. He asks Chris for another chance after which Eijun follows all the routine Chris gives him. Eijun has since then called him his “Shishou”.

Chris has helped both of his fans in their recovery, Eijun during his yips and Miyuki during his injury from a tournament. He is sought out by both of them when they are in pinch.

The entire team respects him and he has contributed on or off the field. You can’t help but love the only person who can put a leash on Sawamura.

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