Ace Of Diamond: Furuya Satoru, From a Lone Wolf To a Team Player

Anime Apr 11, 2021

Furuya Satoru is a former Ace of Seido’s Baseball Team, from the Fall Tournament of his 1st year till the Spring Tournament of his 2nd year. Not a wolf but Polar Bear.

Eijun’s rival, Furuya with his fastballs became the Ace of the team after their former Ace, Tanba Koichiro, retired. As strong as his pitches are, our monster-kun is the week to heat in Tokyo and often goes into hibernation mode.

Furuya has a slim physique with 6 feet in height. With a sleepy look on his face, he has brown eyes. Though terrible at communication and expressionless face, he sure manages to pick fights with Eijun. Competitive in nature his ‘aura’ flares up when provoked, especially by Eijun.

“I won’t hand the mound over to anyone anymore. I’ll become the ace of this team.”

Furuya Satoru Kaibutsu-kun of Seidou

furuya satoru

In Hokkaido, Furuya’s grandfather, an ex-baseball player, coaxed him to try playing baseball. Furuya gradually became a powerful pitcher with overwhelming strength. But the kids around called him ‘monster’ in a derogatory way and refused to play with him. Satoru had to train alone, pitching to a wall and eventually, became unhappy with baseball.

Learning about Miyuki Kazuya from Seidou, Satoru decided to join the school. For the first time in years of playing alone, he found a catcher who caught his pitch with no trouble. Satoru’s love for baseball grew again.

“Fire it! Your bazooka of awakening!” -Eijun to Satoru

He especially started to enjoy playing baseball after he and Eijun started to compete for the Ace no. (#1). Initially, he would try to bear the game alone as a pitcher, but the team reminded him that he was not alone in the field. Learning to play ‘connect’ from Eijun and his team, Satoru has evolved into a real monster pitcher.

Still stumbling in some games, like the one they played against Ichidaisan during Spring Tournament’s Semifinal, Satoru did not lose his edge to become an incredible pitcher. He learned from his mistake and became even more determined.

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furuya satoru

  • He likes fishing, and naps (obviously).
  • He likes reading books although those are mostly books about animals.
  • He is scared of injections.
  • Loves and respect polar bear (seems about right).
  • His pitches, fastballs, referred to as “rising” fastballs can travel a distance of more than 120 meters and has velocity of 154km/h.
  • According to Sawamura, Satoru also loves to run errands for the team, like buying their favorite drinks on their game nights.

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