Ace Of Diamond: Facts About Yoshikawa Haruno, Manager of Seidou Baseball

Yoshikawa is a clumsy and shy girl. She finds most of the players in the Baseball team to be intimidating but she admires the entire team

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Yoshikawa Haruno

Yoshikawa Haruno is the manager of Seidou. She joined the club to “Support the players who are working their hardest to reach their goals”.

She is in the same year as Sawamura Eijun, Furuya Satoru, and Kominato Haruichi. Yoshikawa is a clumsy and shy girl.

She finds most of the players in the Baseball team to be intimidating but she admires the entire team.

Yoshikawa has big brown eyes and is 158 cm tall. Currently, in her 2nd year of school, she is the only manager of her year.

Yoshikawa Haruno with Managers

When Haruno joined the club in her 1st year, she learned everything udders Fujiwara Takao, Umemoto Sachiko, and Natsukawa Yui.

Fujiwara Takako was already in her third year at the beginning of the story. Takako was a reliable senior manager and friend.

Her retirement with other third-year baseball players turned into a tearful farewell.

Umemoto Sachiko and Natsukawa Yui are the current 3rd-year managers.

Haruno has caused more work for them because of her clumsiness since her joining the club.

She learned to keep the score of the games from Umemoto Sachiko because she will be the senior manager after the other two retire.

Sachiko and Yui would get angry at the beginning when Haruno would increase their work. But after spending more time becoming friends they started working well together.

They even tease Haruno about her clumsiness now. Often stumbling and dropping the crate of balls in the baseball ground or papers in the school hall, the other two never leave a chance to tease her.

Friendship with Sawamura Eijun

Yoshikawa Haruno and Sawamura Eijun

Yoshikawa Haruno has a good friendship with Sawamura Eijun as well.

In the beginning, when she joined the club, she thought due to her clumsiness she is a nuisance to others.

However, one day she saw Sawamura quarrel with a teacher during class and declared that he will become the Ace of the team.

Haruno was impressed by his determination.

While everyone else in the class made fun of and laughed at Eijun, Haruno saw him working hard to achieve his dream.

She said that she likes people who are “stupid” like Eijun because she admires those who work hardest for their goals.

Haruno on her first meeting with Sawamura in the Baseball Field accidentally threw a huge tire on Sawamura. They have been good friends since their first encounter.

Currently, with new first years joining the club, Haruno has two first years join as her junior in a manager position.

Haruno is learning to be a proper manager; she attends games to maintain the scorebook and learn the game properly.

Yoshikawa is also teaching her juniors to make rice balls and other details of the club.

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