A Model Family Netflix Kdrama | Stream or Skip?

What made A Model Family quite an interesting watch? Who is the most interesting and annoying character?

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Netflix gave us one more reason to stream the new Kdrama A Model Family. The Korean drama starring Jung Woo, Park Hee Soo, Yoon Jin Seo, and Park Ji Yeon in main roles was quite a roller-coaster watch considering so much confusion.

A Model Family is different from the average crime/thriller/suspense drama and every episode might leave you wracking your brains and screaming your guts out. Feeling conflicted about whether to Stream or Skip A Model Family, here’s how you can decide! What made A Model Family quite an interesting watch? Who is the most interesting and annoying character?

What happened to the “Model Family”?

The plot of A Model Family revolves around Park Dong Ha, an assistant professor and the breadwinner of the Park family. Together with his wife Kang Eun Ju, Park Dong Ha has two children.

Park Yeon Woo, the youngest child is a troublemaker and borderline delinquent. Is it puberty or does almost every child in the Kdramas take it as a personal mission to torment their families; Park Yeon Woo tops the miscreant list. The only sane person in this family is the youngest child, Park Hyun Woo.

Their mother Kang Eun Ju does not get along with her daughter and has a very borderline disturbing relationship with Park Dong Ha.

The couple has a couple of issues where Kang Eun Ju wants a divorce and wants to live with their children. Park Dong Ha is a model citizen but ends up brewing trouble due to an accident.

The unfortunate incident ends up getting a lot of drug money and two dead bodies. Someone like him, who is a respectable professor, lacks common sense if he thought he could just take the money and be off his merry ways. Seriously, how did he even convince himself to bury a body in his backyard is seriously bizarre.

Who is Ma Kwang Chul?

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Meanwhile, the money is lost and two missing people. Turns out one of the dead people that Park Dong Ha buried was an undercover cop Yoo Han Cheol. What’s even more shocking is that Yoo Han Cheol might have an affair with Park Ji Yeon. They were schoolmates and knew each other.

Ma Kwang Chul is one of the members of the Youngsoo drug ring who was in charge of dealing with drugs and pretty much cleaning up the mess of the group.

Ma Kwang Chul first met Park Dong Ha when his son Park Hyun Woo suddenly collapsed and he ended up helping him. It was quite disastrous when Kwang Chul discovered that Dong Ha ended up taking the money.

In the palms of the drug cartel, Kwang Chul used Dong Ha for dangerous missions and drug deliveries. Even though he was quite a brutal person, perhaps the only humane person in A Model Family is also Ma Kwang Chul. Time and again, he showed mercy and leniency to Park Dong Ha and his family.

Did 'A Model Family' have a Happy Ending?

It depends on how you define a happy ending.  One thing is for sure, the 10 episodes were a fully crazy ride and totally a binge-worthy series.

Each episode is nearly 45 minutes and will keep you wanting more. The sudden appearance of Dong Ha’s estranged father was quite a surprise.

One of the things that Park Deuk Soo (Dong Ha’s father) proved is that blood is thicker than water. Kang Joo Hyun, their neighbour and police sent his father to gather intel.

The granda was smart and made sure that no way the police can implicate Dong Ha at least for the buried body. He even moved the body which failed the police when they made a sudden search in Dong Ha’s house. Kang Joo Hyun became desperate to find Yoo Han Cheol’s body as he was sent illegally in the mission.

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There could be more between them as she was desperate to find him. Kang Joo Hyun was even willing to trade with Choi Kang Jun, the Yoonsoo gang’s member. Choi Kang Jun is another character who had it for Dong Ha and Kwang Chul from the beginning.

Choi Kang Jun hatched plans to kill Kwang Chul but Dong Ha helped him, although unwillingly to escape from the situation. Cha Yun Seok, Kang Joo Hyun’s partner had quite a bitter and uncertain end.

Unfortunately for him, he got shot by Moon Jung Kook who was a mole and worked with the drug cartels. In a bitter fight, Choi Kang Jun killed Hwang Yong Soo, the leader of the gang. Well too bad for Hwang Yong Soo, he should have saved Ma Kwang Chul. despite being family, Choi Kang Jun didn’t hesitate to kill Hwang Yong Soo.

On the other hand, with Kang Joo Hyun in a serious condition made Cha Yun Seok even more miserable in this situation. Cha Yun Seok went to the police station and shot Moon Jung Kook in front of everyone.

In the final fight, Kwang Chul traps and later kills Choi Kang Jun. Of course Park Dong Ha became an accessory to murder besides being a drug dealer.

The reason for the entire chaos was money in the first place. They needed money for Park Hyun Woo’s operation but the operation was cancelled as they couldn’t find the heart for transplant.

In this journey, apart from Hyun Woo, everyone knew about the dangerous side job of Park Dong Ha. Even his daughter caused some real mess when she ran off with the drug money. Another chance showed the soft side of Kwang Chul who didn’t harm Dong Ha’s family.

As for the ending, somehow the family escaped without any casualty. The ending was quite puzzling though. Park Dong Ha received a burner cell and was asked to keep the phone for the safety of his family. This meant that even though Kwang Chul might have spared his life, there are other people who want to use him as a delivery person.

Too bad for Park Dong Ha, because his life is far from over, a new hell can begin, if there’s a season 2 of A Model Family.

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