8 Must watch Kdrama Like Penthouse that Fans can Enjoy!!!

If you enjoy Penthouse Kdrama, what are some other Kdramas to watch while waiting for the new episodes?

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Penthouse Kdrama has made people go crazy. This Korean drama is not only far-fetched, absurd and the full definition of a makjang drama, you just love it because it seems impossible in real life.

There are no particular reasons to watch it because Penthouse is extremely addictive.

You will either love Penthouse or will drop it because the characters and plot will make your blood boil to the max!

Due to Olympics Penthouse is on a break, and this season only 1 episode airs every week. This is not enough for fans and we want more.

Fret not, coz here are similar Kdrama like Penthouse that fans can enjoy. Of course, there’s no guarantee, that all the dramas will be super far-fetched and extreme like Penthouse, but nothing will hurt to try these!

Also just a tad bit warning: if you’re watching these dramas, throw common sense and logic out of the window, coz you won’t be needing them.

Just enjoy these dramas and happy binging!

8. Cheat On Me If You Can(2020)

This was one of the most entertaining dramas although a tad bit disappointing. However, the ending will leave you speechless.

Cheat On Me If You Can is suspenseful and mysterious.

There’s barely any scope to make guesses. Cho Yeo Sung plays the role of a best-selling author who has her own dark sides.  

Ko Jun plays the role of an unfaithful husband and lawyer. He’s treated as “Nation’s most ideal husband.” the author makes creative plans to commit murder theoretically.

7. My Dangerous Wife(2020)

This list will be incomplete without the honorable mention of My Dangerous Wife. The MBN drama was full of cliffhangers and suspense, but that’s not all that.

Cheating spouse check, large inheritance check, tormenting spouse double check!

My Dangerous Wife Kdrama is like Penthouse in my ways, the same yet different. This Kdrama is a remake of the 2016 Japanese drama of the same name.

Watch Kim Jung Eun and Choi Won Young play games of lies and deception and find out who succeeds!

6. Sunny Again Tomorrow (2018)

The KBS1 Korean drama might seem like a light-hearted drama, but it’s far from that. The 121 episode drama is the definition of makjang and absurdities.

Nevertheless, Sunny Again Tomorrow is highly addictive, and best for a binge-watch.

The episodes are less than 30 minutes in duration, and you can skip scenes if you find them boring or the characters seem annoying.  

Sunny Again Tomorrow has an ensemble cast like Penthouse Kdrama and has some similarities like the secret reveal of a lost child and annoying characters.

This was one of the highest-rated dramas of the season. The story revolves around a talented girl who has a high aptitude for fashion.

She starts her own company and her rival and role model is her long-lost mom, who’s now under the manipulation of her cousin sister.

What happens at the end, you’ll have to watch to know. Cast: Seol In Ah, Jin Ju Hyeong, Ha Seung Ri, Lee Chang Wook, and Shim Hye Jin.

5. Graceful Family(2019)

The MBN drama Graceful Family is one of a kind Kdrama like Penthouse.  Weird revelations, murderer suspense, the shocking real culprit, and over-exaggerated makjang vibes; all check!

Graceful Family is anything but graceful, no pun intended. Lim Soo Hyang is phenomenal in this Korean drama.

Do check out Graceful Family to find some jaw-dropping secrets and where every character is pretty much a murder suspect.

4. Empress Ki(2014)

It’s one of the most intense and highly entertaining dramas. The 51 episode MBC drama had a lot of shocking twists and turns and the drama was well written till the end.

The story is set in the Goryeo era, where Queen Ki from Goryeo becomes the queen in Yuan.

There are conflicts, battles for power, and mind games in politics.  

Han Ji Won delivered a stellar performance as Queen Ki. Ji Chang Wook as the Yuan emperor and Joo Jin Mo as the Korean King were part of the main cast.

Empress Ki is available on Netflix. This is a Kdrama like Penthouse in terms of suspense and cliffhangers.

3. The Last Empress(2018)

The SBS drama The Last Empress was totally worth a watch. The glamorous cast and amazing performance delivered by the cast members were one of the best things in this drama.

There are some elements of makjang and seriously is that even possible in real-life situations?

The plot is set in modern South Korea but still has a monarchy. A musical actress suddenly marries the emperor due to a turn of events.

What she thought of as a happy perfect life turned upside down when people started showing their real colors.

There’s also an extramarital affair, unsolved murder, and hidden child!

Don’t forget the revenge plot either!  Feels similar to Penthouse Kdrama no?! Cast: Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk, Shin Sung Rok, and Lee Elijah.

2. The Promise (2016)

The Promise is KBS2 drama that has 102 episodes. Don’t get discouraged by the huge number of episodes as each episode duration is less than 30 minutes.

The story is nice but absurd as it gets. You can skip some of the scenes and you still won’t end up missing anything.

The plot is extremely far-fetched, might leave a bitter aftertaste but it’s addictive that you can’t stop watching it.

The story is about two twin sisters who get separated at birth. While one of them dies later, they exchange places and seek revenge for the death of her daughter and sister.

Cast: Lee Yuri, Song Jong Ho, Seo Jun Young, and Park Ha Na in the main cast.

The Promise Kdrama is like Penthouse in terms of crazy people who have no conscience, don’t feel guilty, and will do anything to get what they want.

1. Mine(2021)

Mine Kdrama is the second-best Kdrama in 2021 after Penthouse. The settings are pretty similar yet different at the same time.

Well, the story does have a vicious character like Joo Dan Tae, as we get Han Ji Young who’s quite his match! Mine Kdrama was spectacular and definitely breathtaking.

The cast delivered a brilliant performance. Lee Bo Young, Kim Seo Hyung, Lee Hyun Wook were phenomenal in the drama and yay to girl power!

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