7 Must Watch Dramas Like Start Up to Refresh Your Mood!

If you're still struggling over Start UP Kdrama, what other dramas can you watch to refresh your mood and cheer you up!!!

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Start Up Kdrama has a different fan base, and undoubtedly, you can be in one of the two categories. You either love Start Up Kdrama or dropped the Kdrama because you couldn’t deal with the angst and the second lead syndrome. Well, cheer up, here are dramas like Start Up, but you won’t drop these dramas for sure.

These Kdramas will entertain you and who knows you might start fangirling over a new Kdrama male lead. Let the search begin! Here are some of the best dramas like Start Up you can watch to alleviate boredom!  Some of the dramas are available on Netflix, whereas some might not be available.

#7 Chocolate (2019)

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JTBC has made some nice dramas to watch. Chocolate Kdrama is highly recommended. Good plot, good casts, great acting, and Ha Ji Won are the reasons to watch this drama ASAP. This Kdrama is emotional, enjoyable and there might be some tear-jerking moments, and the ending was definitely shocking, albeit satisfying.

The story shows how people who met as kids, shared a dream and later reunited when they grew up. The story revolves around a hospice where the cook and the neurosurgeon meet again as adults and help the patients admitted there. It’s one of the dramas like Start Up, which might even be better. Chocolate is available on Netflix so do give it a watch.

#6 The Third Charm (2018)

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The 16-episode JTBC drama The Third Charm is hit or a miss. You will either love this drama or hate it, just like the Start Up drama. Welcome to one of the most frustrating and nerve-wracking dramas of the century. The drama certainly has some angst and happy moments, but can it compete with some of the dramas like Start Up in terms of frustration level.

Who knows?! The Third Charm shows the story of two very different people who fall in love, change each other break up and then get back together. The reason it’s recommended is that this drama has a different charm (no pun intended). Watch The Third Charm on Netflix!

#5 Radiant office (2017)

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If you’re heartbroken over Sart Up Kdrama, the MBC drama Radiant Office is highly recommended. This is one of the most underrated dramas that people need to watch. If you’re in low spirits and need motivation, Radiant Office is just the drama to watch.

It shows the story of a woman who fails to get hired and after 99 attempts, she finally gets a job as a contract worker on her 100th attempt. She tried to commit suicide but she gets rescued and learns that she might not have long to live. It’s one of the dramas like Start Up, in fact, better in terms of logic and plot. Give this drama a try!

#4 Record of Youth (2020)

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Another great Kdrama from TvN. Record of Youth starring Park Bo Gum doesn’t need any more reasons for fans to watch. The story and the cast are enough to make you binge-watch the entire season. The record of Youth was very realistic and had a very satisfying ending!

The Kdrama shows the model industry and Park Bo Gum plays the role of a talented model/actor who has not gained popularity compared to his friends. He doesn’t gives up and perseveres till the end and finally shines. The show highlights his relationship with his family and girlfriend and how each relationship is mended. Do watch Record of Youth to heal from the Start Up Kdrama.

#3 My Holo Love (2020)

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The 12 episode Netflix Kdrama My Holo Love is next on the list. This was a very refreshing concept. Can humans fall in love with AI? Can AI be dangerous? To what extent can we depend on AI? Seems like a serious topic, but My Holo Life is not some boring AI drama.

The story is about a woman who has trouble recognising faces. She becomes a beta tester for the AI hologram and actually falls in love with the AI. The weird but interesting thing is the creator of the AI hologram uses his own face to create a perfect AI, only their personalities have hell and heaven differences.

#2 The Strongest deliveryman (2017)

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Not mentioning The Strongest Deliveryman in this list would be a great sin. The KBS drama The Strongest deliveryman is another slice of life Kdrama that portrays the story of a deliveryman who became successful and started his own company. What’s best is we have Kim Sun Ho from Start Up Kdrama as the second male lead in the drama. He’s charming as usual along with the main lead Go Kyung Po. Check out The Strongest deliveryman only on Netflix.

#1 Hospital Playlist (2020)

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If you love medical dramas, then add the Hospital Playlist to your list.  What’s more amusing is that Hospital Playlist is from the same writers of the Reply series and Prison Playful Life. Hospital Playlist covers the story of five friends who now work at the same hospital.

It’s a slice of life Kdrama that you can enjoy worry-free. The best part is Hospital Playlist Season 2 is out so better hurry up and catch season 1. Hospital Playlist is a drama like Start Up in terms of entertainment minus the angst. Hospital Playlist is a TvN drama that is available on Netflix as well.  

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