7 Kdrama Like What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, Perfect To Binge Watch

If you've watched What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, these K-dramas are made for you.

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim is one of the most famous K-dramas and it makes sense. The cast, the storyline, the comedic moment, and especially the chemistry between the main leads is so eye-catching.

Another reason why the K-drama is so famous is because of the office romance storyline. When it comes to making a drama with a good storyline, the "falling in love with your boss" theory always work.

But unfortunately, the K-drama will end sooner than you thought. So to fill that void in your life, we've rounded up the 8 best K-dramas like What's Wrong With Secretary Kim that fans can binge-watch.

1) Her Private Life (2019)

her private life kdrama

Sung Deok-Mi is a dedicated and talented chief curator of Cheum Museum Of Art, who also happens to have a secret: she is a fanatic fangirl of White Ocean's Cha Shi An.

In addition, she is also the fansite manager of the famous "The Road To Sian", the abbreviation of which she uses as her screen time. Ryan Gold is a reserved artist, who develops Stendhal Syndrome, eventually retiring as an artist.

After the current boss, Uhm So-Hye gets investigated for embezzlement, Ryan Gold becomes the new Art Director of Cheum Museum of Art. After unfounded rumours break out claiming Deok-Mi and Shi-An are dating, Ryan suggests that he and Deok-Mi pretend to date to ward off Shi-An's fans to threaten to harm her.

However, Kim Hyo-Jin, Um So-Hye's spoiled daughter, is another fansite manager of Cha Shi-An under the fake name Sindy, manages to land a job as an intern in the museum seeking to prove that Ryan and Deok-Mi are a fake couple, leaving both no choice but to continue the act even at work.

2) Touch Your Heart (2019)

touch your heart kdrama

Touch Your Heart is a 2019 released drama starring Yoo In-na along with Lee Dong-Wook.

Top Actress Oh Jin-Shim, who goes by the stage name Oh Yoon-Seo, has a scandal that damages her career, leaving her jobless for two years.

In order to get a role in a major upcoming television series, she agrees to get experience at a law firm, working as a secretary to a lawyer named Kwon Jung-Rok. Eventually, they fall in love.

3) The Secret Life Of My Secretary (2019)

The Secret Life Of My Secretary (2019)

Min Ik is a complement and clearheaded man as an executive of a leading telecommunication company. This smart guy recognizes people he has just met once and has the insight to read others' thoughts until he is diagnosed with face blindness.

Gal He,  a loyal secretary of Min Ik, is an unfashionable and dishevelled little woman who has worked for Min Ik with all her might. On the day she gets fired out of the blue, she happens to witness Min Ik almost getting murdered by someone and becomes his right hand.

Min Ik, who suffers from face blindness, mistakes Gal Hee for Veronica, a charming and influential figure in the filming industry, and falls in love with her. Gal Hee starts to pretend to be Veronica, and as time passes, even she gets confused about who she really is.

But Veronica finds out about Gal Hee's double life and puts an end to it. Would the intertwined relationships and feelings be untangled in the end?

4) Jugglers (2017)


Jugglers followed the trend and revolved around a secretary and her cold ice boss. Jwa Yoon-Yi is a devoted and diligent secretary who is put on hold when her boss's wife accuses her of having an affair with her husband.

On the other hand, Nam Chi-won is assigned to be the managing director at Yoon Yi's company. Yoon Yii becomes her secretary. Chi Won suffers from childhood trauma and is indifferent to socializing.

After Yoon Yi gets drunk at a dinner party, Chi Won takes her home and realizes she lives in the place where her trauma was generated. Seeing the 'tenant wanted' sign on her board, he becomes a neighbour to overcome his past.

5) Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Do Bong Soon is born with supernatural abilities. She has superhuman strength.  This strength of hers is hereditary and is being passed on to the women of her family for generations.

This ability of hers makes her special from other people. Bong-soon especially pretends to be a delicate and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush, In Guk Doo.

Guk-Doo is a police officer and is often spotted helping Bong-Soon whenever she is in need. Both of them were friends since high school and even lived in the same place. Bong-soon liked Guk-Doo since she was in high school but never confessed her feelings for him.  

Even though Bong-soon was an adult, she had no stable job. Thanks to her strength, she got a job as a bodyguard of rich heir Ahn Min-Hyuk, the CEO of a gaming company named Ainsoft. In comparison to Guk-Doo, Min-Huk is a very cheerful and carefree man. This is where the story of the puppy couple starts.

6) Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016)

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Kim Bok Joo, a young woman chasing her dream of weightlifting on an athlete college campus, develops a crush on her friend Jung Joon Hyung's older brother, Jung Jae Yi.

At first, Joon Hyung teases her and goes along with her act, even helping her, but soon finds himself falling in love with her. This series is a coming-of-age story about a group of college athletes who are fighting for their dreams, experiencing and finding love in the process, and growing every step of the way.

7) She Was Pretty (2017)

She Was Pretty

A romantic comedy, based on a true story, about two acquaintances who meet again after they've gone through a reversal of fortunes and appearances. it is set in the backdrop of a fashion magazine's publishing office.

Park Seo Joon alongside Hwang Jung-Eum, shines extraordinarily throughout the drams. They had perfect chemistry on-screen and both of them were perfect for the roles. The drama itself won many awards and even the main cast was awarded several times.