7 Big Role Attack On Titan Characters In The Fight Against The Titans

Attack on Titan is a thrilling saga of gigantic humanoids who attack humans and cannibalise them. Attack on Titan characters really add depth to the series.

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Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin is a thrilling saga of gigantic humanoids who attack humans and cannibalize them.

The story follows Eren Yeager and his journey on fighting the Titans and saving mankind from the brink of extinction.

He tries to find purpose amidst the angst, betrayal, and the cruel world of lies he’s always believed in. Attack on Titan characters really add depth to the series.

A gut-wrenching, action-packed, dark fantasy anime can describe the genre of Attack on Titan.

Eren and his friends live in a city surrounded by walls believing it to be the extent of the world and questioning all kinds of authorities, only to want freedom from the horrible fate of the humans.

Apart from the gruesome violence and grotesque creatures, this anime has shown no mercy in showing the ugly side of human beings.

While this may show the morbid truth, it also shows us a realistic view of humanity.

Eren Yeager

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Eren Yeager is the protagonist of the series. He’s a soldier of the Scout Regiment.

From the beginning of the series, Eren has been a strong-willed, determined, hot-headed boy whose only goal was to destroy the Titans and protect humans residing in the city behind the walls.

He’s brave and often charges into battle without regard for the consequences.

Though he is the protagonist, he is self-centered in many moments throughout the series which is ironic because his job entails selflessness and the will to lay down one’s life.

He believes that “he” alone can save the world and be a hero. Regardless, he learns to trust and works with a squad as the story progresses.

Mikasa Ackerman

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One of my favoruite characters in the Attack on Titan series. She’s strong, level-headed most of the time, and aloof. She’s also in love with Eren Yeager.

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the strongest fighters amongst the 104 Squad, merciless and tactful. She’s observant and intuitive.

While she can also be hot-headed and blinded by rage when it comes to Eren, she’s got what it takes to survive in that cruel world of man-eating giant humanoids.

Throughout the series, she’s always supporting and rescuing Eren.

She’s not the typical “damsel in distress” type of character and is loved purely for her fierce attitude. She also doesn’t open up easily.

Levi Ackerman

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Another one of my favourite characters, Levi Ackerman is one of the best fighters in the Scout Regiment. Captain Levi is respected and feared.

Throughout the series, especially while fighting Titans, he expresses his passion for killing them and isn’t frightened of them.

It’s almost like he loves slaying Titans. He’s also seen as a meticulous warrior. His infamous way of drinking has gained millions of fans.

He’s also a fierce man, tactful, and a brilliant decision-maker.

He’s also proactive and practical, a few of the traits necessary to survive. He’s not an emotionally expressive person.

Armin Arlert

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He’s a strategist and loves studying. Armin Arlert is not much of a fighter, he’s more of an ideator and leads people to execute his plans.

Throughout the series, he is frightened and hesitant to face the enemy. He needs the reassurance and support of others to believe in himself.

As the story progresses, he becomes courageous to fight in the battle.

Not only is he a brilliant observer, but he also can visualize and predict outcomes of any given situation.

His weaker nature can get frustrating throughout the series, nonetheless, he’s one of the important Attack on Titan characters that help save humanity.

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Hange Zoe

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An eccentric, merciless character filled with curiosity. Hange also one of the captains of the Scout Regiment.

She fearless and is also seen as someone passionate about killing Titans. Throughout the series, Hange is seen capturing and experimenting on Titans.

She’s one of the few who gets excited about learning everything about the Titans.

She’s also a brilliant strategist and observer, someone who’s an ideator and executor, and gives her all into fighting.

She is a dynamic and outgoing person. She is also feared and respected amongst her peers. She is chatty and amusing.

An important character that leads humans in the right direction.

Commander Erwin

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Erwin is the commanding officer of the Scout Regimen. He’s another fearless character who’s not afraid to put his life on the line.

Commander Erwin is loved by millions of fans around the world. He’s got all traits of a leading commander- brilliant, earnest, fearless, strategic, and tactful.

Throughout the series, he’s always one step ahead of the others, always trying to gain new information and lead his fellow soldiers in battle.

He also gambles on his ideas, most of them working out. He’s got a heart of steel and doesn’t hesitate to do what’s right.

Historia Reiss

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Historia is one of the important Attack on Titan characters; she’s part of Eren’s squad.

Initially, she doesn’t seem like an important character, she becomes crucial deeper into the story.

In the earlier episodes, she’s meek and submissive, someone with a heart of gold, always helping others.

What seems like innocent assistance, turns out it’s almost always for her benefit.

But, she’s not as bad as she seems, after all, every character with a façade almost always has a dark childhood.

As the story progresses, we see more of her real self, someone who’s selfless, strong-willed, and goal-oriented.

She plays an important role in the fight against the Titans.