7 Attack on Titan Characters Who Were "Neither a Villain nor a Hero"

Anime Mar 3, 2021

Attack on Titan, known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, is a dark fantasy, horror anime. The anime does justice to the manga’s thrilling gruesome violence. The manga is illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Just as every story needs a hero, they also need an anti-hero. While we all love our heroes in the world of Titans, the anti-heroes definitely spice up the anime with unexpected twists and turns. Anti-heroes can be described as the main characters who lack qualities that make them “heroes.” Not exactly a villain or a hero, Attack on Titan characters are a product of realistic characterization.

The Anti-Hero Attack on Titan Characters

1. Reiner Braun

Attack on Titan Characters

Reiner is more of a villain than an anti-hero. He fights against his own kind as his anti-hero role comes into light. He’s not an Eldian. He’s a Marleyan who’s been through a tough childhood. All he wanted to do was prove to the world he was useful. Although he killed countless humans, his actions do not justify the damage he has done. His split personality made him confess his plans to Eren Yeager. 

2. Annie Leonhart

Annie is an antagonist. Her role as an anti-hero can be seen through her façade. She, along with Reiner, Bertholdt and Marcel partook in the mission to Paradis Island. Their entire encounter within the walls, training in the military as well as joining the Military Police was all so they could save their own country. All they did was follow orders. 

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3. Bertholdt

Bertholdt, just like Annie and Reiner had become part of Paradis Island, had to partake in the undercover mission. He is the softer one out of the three of them- he sympathized with the enemy as long as he liked them. He is often conflicted- whether to actually go ahead with his mission or not. 

4. Eren Yeager


Eren, being the protagonist, has hero-like qualities. His personality takes a 180-degree turn in Season 3. His anti-hero side emerges. Just as the enemy believes that the people of Paradis Island were out to get them, Eren had lost his morality- he did the same to the Marleyan people what they did to him. His role as an one of the anti-hero Attack on Titan Characters is controversial and unclear. 

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5. Karl Fritz

Attack on Titan Characters hero

The first King inside the walls attempted to create peace within his nation and so he weakened them and erased all their memories. He did that so they could live in peace for the next 100 years. 

6. Rod Reiss

Attack on Titan Characters

He’s one of the not so main Attack on Titan characters who plays an important role. The Reiss family is the true heir to the throne and he is the father of Historia Reiss. He had one goal in mind, to overthrow the government and make his daughter the next all-powerful Titan so she could lead the nation as the queen. His efforts seem selfish but he believes it is for the greater good.

7. Kenny Ackerman


Being an Ackerman, he’s strong and smart. He’s a wanted criminal for killing the military personnel. His role when he was introduced was shown to be more of a villain than a hero. He was on a mission to kill the Scout Regiment and his ultimate goal was to become a Titan. In the end, he gave up that goal and stayed human to protect the others. 

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