7 Amazing Yuri On Ice Quotes You Need To Follow In Life

Yuri on ice shows the hardship and struggle a skater goes through to reach the dream of performing the most mesmerizing Exhibition

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Yuri On Ice is a Figure Skating Anime that became popular in 2016. I have followed the show very close and there are many Yuri on Ice quotes which I fell in love with.

The anime shows the hardship and struggle a skater goes through to reach the dream of performing the most mesmerizing Exhibition.

Yuri on Ice quotes reflects the aspects of these characters. The personality of the characters and their tenacity is beautifully captured. I have shared my favorite Yuri on Ice Quotes.

“There’s a place you can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.”Yuri Katsuki

Yuri Katsuki the protagonist of the series has never qualified for Grand Prix Final until he started training under Victor.

This Yuri on Ice quote is perhaps the most realistic of all.

If you can’t bear and carry your own dream alone then how can you fulfill it! No one can help you achieve your dream if you don’t work for it.

Yuri also had to work hard on improving his skating on his own.

Of course, Victor was there to support but even he can’t do anything more than support. Yuri, himself, had to carry his own desire to win gold.

“How can someone who can’t motivate others to motivate himself?”Victor Nikiforov

Isn’t that the truth! Victor said this to Yuri Katsuki when he unintentionally blew off Kenjirou Minami.

How many times have you done the same unintentionally? When we find ourselves stressed, we don’t appreciate all those who show us their support.

We end up bringing down others as well instead of motivating them.

What this Yuri on Ice quote implies is sometimes you need to appreciate and look around all the support you receive; be it small or a silent pat in the back.

And, return the support to those around you, motivate them even when you feel like you can’t. You will get motivated yourself.

“I have no past accomplishments to defend. This is my new beginning!”Phichit Chulanont

All those self-help books and this Yuri on Ice quote actually make the most sense. Phichit is always cheery in the entire series.

Taking the competition as it comes. Never has he doubted himself or felt less deserving than anyone.

Remember this quote next time you find yourself in pinch. What you need to do is accomplish the task at hand.

There is no need to think about all that you have achieved in the past because at that moment none of it matters.

Every new challenge should be considered a beginning. A new journey and a new road to even bigger accomplishments.

“I’m going to take advantage of everything I can right now to win.”Yuri Plisetsky (Yurio)

When an opportunity presents itself you need to take full advantage of it. Yuri Plisetsky wanted to train under Victor.

However, with Yurio realizing how strong Yuri is, he felt that he needed to do everything he can to win and prove himself.

Yuri again started training in ballet which he had left a long time ago.

This Yuri on Ice quote seems to say that when you need to win fair and square, you have to learn everything you can.

You have to take advantage of all the chances you get to become strong.

“You don’t have a dark past! Don’t make fun of me for looking up to you for so long and trying to catch up to you!”Kenjirou Minami

When Yuri Katsuki was busy chasing Victor, there was someone who was trying to catch up to Yuri.

Minami has admired Yuri and his braveness just like Yuri has admired Victor. Do you ever wonder if there is someone who looks up to you? I guarantee you there is.

Not everyone is going to come up to you and tell you they have admired you. We don’t live in the anime world.

But, whether you believe it or not, the small things you do for people leave a long-lasting impression on them.

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“Even if I’m not here, I’ll always be with you in spirit.” –Victor Nikiforov

No, Victor did not die. And, nor did they break up. Yuri and Victor have an undefined relationship.

They trust and admire each other in more ways than a coach and student do.

But, isn’t it just the most romantic thing to say to your lover!

Even when you are far away from each other, your bond is so strong that you feel like they are with you always.

This is exactly what Victor meant when he said this to Yuri.

“I’m the only one who can satisfy Victor. I’m the only one in the world who knows Victor’s love. I’ll prove that now.” – Yuri Katsuki

Victor shined bright at the top of the figure skating world. But, having been alone at the top and no one to share it with, he lost his inspiration.

Yuri came in and became the inspiration Victor needed the most. Together they build their own Skating Story.

Yuri is confident that it is only him that can satisfy Victor’s love for skating.

The confidence of knowing that no one better understands your partner than you.

Being so confident in your relationship and knowing exactly what your partner needs is the strongest relationship ever.

This confidence oozes from this Yuri on Ice quote.

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