6 Shocking Moments in Penthouse 3 Kdrama Explained.

Penthouse Season is back with more shocking twists. Let's see what the writers have in store for the fans in Penthouse 3 Kdrama.

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Penthouse 3: Life in War is back with new shocking twists and revelations.

The previous Penthouse Season 2 already left us hanging with a mind-blowing and massive cliffhanger when Joo Dan Tae escaped prison to carry out his revenge plan against Shim Su Ryeon and Logan. But that wasn’t enough it seems.

The writer of Penthouse Season 3 has made it a habit to shock the viewers. As a viewer of Penthouse 3, how many more shocking moments does the writer has in store for us!

If you’re an avid fan of the popular 2021 Kdrama, this is just the right place for you.

6 Shocking Moments in Penthouse 3

6. Joo Dan Tae Bombs Logan and kills him

Well, if you remember Penthouse Season 2, it seems that Joo Dan Tae is finally showing his real colors to everyone.

There’s nothing surprising about the way Penthouse 2 ended with the cliffhanger.

Joo Dan Tae snuck out of prison and used a good deception to plant a bomb in Logan’s car. It was a painful moment for fans to learn that Logan died because of the car explosion.  

The timing sucks because Logan was just about to prose Shim Su Ryeon. The ship that didn’t sail because of Joo Dan Tae. Rip Logan and curses to Joo Dan Tae.

5. Cheon Seo Jin was behind Dr. Ha

The most surprising person ins Penthouse 3 is turning to be Cheon Seo Jin.

She was behind Dr. Ha and got him out of the prison only to become Joo Dan Tae’s henchman. Cheon Seo Jin is one hell of a scary woman and Penthouse Season 3 has proved it.

In a sense, she’s even scarier than Joo Dan Tae.  She will do anything to get what she wants. Be it recruiting and using her daughter or her ex-husband, she just wants it all.

4. Baek Jun Ki’s Betrayal

Penthouse 3 introduced a new character from Joo Dan Tae’s past. Baek Jun Ki or the real Joo Dan Tae is back in Penthouse season 3.

It was one of the most shocking moments in Penthouse 3 Kdrama when viewers learn about Baek Jun Ki’s past.

Joo Dan Tae killed the entire family of Baek Jun Ki in Japan and locked him in a mental institution.

Logan traced him and did bring him back to Korea to get revenge on Joo Dan Tae, but it was all in vain.

He joined sides with Cheon Seo Jin and doublecrossed Shim Su Ryeon, Alex, and Logan.

He never intended to get his revenge and turns out is a gambling addict who was abusing money received from Logan’s family.

Logan died but his corpse was never found. Baek Jun Ki planted animal remains in the car and fled the scene.

It seems that Baek Jun Ki and Cheon Seo Jin were both aware of Joo Dan Tae’s crazy plan to kill logan.

3. Oh Yoon Hee’s death and the killer is…

Oh Yoon Hee was one decent character left in Penthouse 3 and was making progress toward making amends.

Guess the writers didn’t want that to happen and just killed her off early in the show. Oh Yoon Hee’s early demise in Penthouse 3 was beyond belief.

It was one of the shocking moments in Penthouse 3 Kdrama. What looked like a crazy car chase scene between Joo Dan Tae and Oh Yoon Hee, viewers were sure till the end she won’t die.

And even if she dies, the person responsible for her death will be Joo Dan Tae.

What was more shocking was it was Cheon Seo Jin who killed Oh Yoon Hee, despite the latter saving her daughter Eun Byul from the crazy psychopath Ms. Jin.

Cheon Seo Jin didn’t hesitate for a second before killing Oh Yoon Hee. Rip Oh Yoon Hee.

2. Logan’s Twin and Logan is alive

If you thought the only twins in Penthouse Kdrama are Seok Hoon and Seok Hee, then you had it all wrong.

The writer must be infatuated with the twin theory. After killing off Logan, they wanted to bring the actor back and introduce his twin, Alex.

However, the racy and stereotypical portrayal of Alex received a lot of criticism and backlash from the fans.

They limited his scenes and Alex was barely shown at all. However, Logan is back and alive thanks to the aid from Dr. Ha.

He faked his death and fooled everyone. Now together, Dr. Ha, Shim Su Ryeon, and Logan have joined forces to bring down Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin.

let’s hope their plan to avenge Yoon Hee’s death goes well. #Justice for Oh Yoon Hee.

1. Shim Su Ryeon’s twin daughter is alive

The twin theory is at it again in Penthouse 3. The most shocking scene of Penthouse 3 is Shim Su Ryeon’s twin daughter.

The start of the season hinted her daughter was alive and Joo Dan Tae did something to her.

Oh Yoon Hee was investigating the scenes after getting clues from Logan before his death. Who knew, investigating Shim Su Ryeon’s daughter will lead Oh Yoon Hee to her death.

Joo Dan Tae frantically wanted to hide the truth and was set with the killing intent to silence Yoon Hee.

Seok Kyung turns out to be Min Sol Ah’s twin and the biological daughter of Su Ryeon. Oh well.

Let’s see how many more shocking twists will Penthouse 3 will bring us. Penthouse 3 is renewed for 14 episodes and who knows they might extend it to 16 episodes.

Penthouse 3 Kdrama is keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats. Don’t forget to watch Penthouse Season 3! Happy Binging!

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