Action Anime: 6 Action Anime Worth Your Time

If you are an anime fan you must have stumbled upon and seen at least one or two action anime. It is a popular genre after all

Action Anime: 6 Action Anime Worth Your Time

If you are an anime fan you must have stumbled upon and seen at least one or two action anime. It is a popular genre after all.

“Devilman” a 1972 action anime by Toei Animation is the first TV series produced. Since then we have seen the genre of action thrive in the anime world with ever-developing animation. Having more fans than it is possible to count an action anime no doubt needs a fascinating story to take the audience by storm.

I, personally, would choose to watch an action anime over any other genre given the chance. So here is a list of action anime compiled for our readers. Go check it out….

Action Anime List

Samurai Champloo

action anime
An action anime with only 26 episodes and hip hop themed soundtrack should be on everyone’s list (I don’t make the rules). The story of Samurai Champloo set in Edo-era centers around martial arts.

Mugen a wild and abrasive swordsman and Jin a cold ronin are requested by Fuu a young waitress at a teashop for a quest. The quest she presents is of finding the samurai who smells of sunflowers. The three travel all over Japan in their search for the mysterious samurai.

Vinland Saga

action anime
A heart-wrenching story of a child aired in 2019 makes the list because of the twist of fate and the grim tale the anime presents.

Thorfinn who watches his father die is also forced to join the very mercenary group that killed his father. Moreover, Askeladd the man who killed Thorfinn’s father turns out to be his mentor. Thorfinn transforming from an innocent boy to a bloodthirst and revenge-driven teenager is heartbreaking.


An action anime about young women who happens to be an assassin, well sign me in. But this assassin story is not so easy and straightforward as it seems.

Focusing on an assassin duo, Mireille Bouquet and Yuumura Kirika known to the public as ‘Noir’, the story unravels their connection to one another. While a shady organization, Les Soldats, waits just around the corner to complicate and mess everything up.

Mob Pyscho 100

action anime
Creation by the same artist as One Punch Man, you can take a guess that this action anime also has humor as its element. But it has its moments of heart-warming touchpoints.

Shigeo Kageyama a boy with telekinetic power works as an assistant to Reigen a con-man. Kageyama known as Mob keeps his emotions in check to control his powers.

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What would you do if someone gives you an elixir of eternal life?

Well, make your decision after you watch the series. An action anime, old in style but equipped with magnificent characters, story, and of course action.

A group of alchemists receives an elixir of eternal life by a demon. Most of the members agree to not become immortal and let the secret forgotten and eventually die. One alchemist decides to recreate the elixir which creates havoc all over the world. Having fallen into wrong hands, the elixir wrecks at the international level.

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action anime
An anime with intense sword fighting, demons, and immense death is perhaps the primary definition of an action anime.

Silver-eyed witches, the Organization, or Claymores are the names used for the feared all-woman army. In a land filled with man-eating yoma, where only hybrids of half-yoma and half-human can defeat them, Clare is the weakest of all. Possessing only 1/4th yoma blood instead of half, Clare rescues a young human male and then takes him with her on her travels.

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