5 Strongest Jutsu of Itachi Uchiha

Itachi is considered the most talented and genius Uchiha in the series. Here is a list of his five strongest Jutsu.

5 Strongest Jutsu of Itachi Uchiha

We all have a special memory attached to the Naruto series. Released in 2002, the series continued till 2017 and became the most popular in the world. It had a variety of characters, each having its own backstory.

One of them was Itachi Uchiha. Perceived as a villain for over six years, it wasn't until 2008 when the truth behind him was revealed. Almost instantly, from being a villain, Itachi became the most beloved character of the fans. He was considered the strongest Uchiha and was exceptionally brilliant.

His Genjutsu was unparalleled and it was said that if not for his sickness, he would have surpassed the strongest Uchiha in history (Madara). Here, we will talk about the five strongest Jutsu that Itachi was capable of.

Mangekyou Sharingan

mangekyou sharingan

This legendary power was not acquired by many Uchiha. In the entire history of the Uchiha clan, only a few people have been able to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan, which was said to be the final and ultimate form of Sharingan. Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan allowed him a variety of powers, among which, the strongest are listed below.

1. Amaterasu


The inextinguishable flames are the inherent technique of the Uchiha clan that only the Mangekyou users can wield. Itachi first used this power against his battle with Sasuke. The black flames kept on burning until Itachi took his last breath.

Amaterasu is said to be hot as the sun and can only be extinguished if the target burns down completely or the castor dies. In Itachi's case, since he never truly wanted to kill Sasuke, the flames automatically disappeared after his death.

2. Tsukuyomi


This Jutsu is Itachi's innate ability and is said to be one of the highest levels of Jutsu in the entire series. This ability allows him to control space and time inside of his Genjutsu.

Itachi first used this power on Kakashi for just three seconds. However, during that time, Kakashi experienced three-day worth of immense torture and collapsed soon after. After that, it took several days for Kakashi to wake up despite having no physical injuries.

3. Susano


This is yet another Jutsu passed down in the Uchiha clan wielded only by those who have awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan. This Jutsu is named under the wild god of sea and storms in Japanese mythology. Susano is a giant humanoid form of chakra that the user can summon to fight on their behalf.

The form and color of the Susano are unique to a person and Itachi's was a beautiful shade of red. He used this power against Sasuke just before dying. Itachi's Susano was not well-developed like Sasuke or Madara, which was said to be the side-effect of his fatal illness. However, despite that, his Susano showed immense powers in the battle.

4. Izanami


Izanami is a forbidden Jutsu of the Uchiha clan since it claims the user's eyesight at single use. However, the power it possesses is immense. It allows the user to create an illusion of a never-ending loop to trap their target for eternity.

The only way the target can break out of the Genjutsu is by accepting their faults and making the right choices. Itachi used this Jutsu in his Kabuto when he was revived as a reanimation. Even as a reanimation, Itachi lost sight in one eye and was disintegrated soon after he defeated Kabuto, ultimately breaking the reanimation Jutsu.

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5. Mirage Crow

mirage crow

Itachi used this power so much that apparently, crows became his symbol. Unlike other Genjutsu users, Itachi doesn't have to make eye contact with their targets to activate his powers. This is because Mirage Crow allows him to trap his targets in a powerful illusion which is symbolized by the torrent of crows.

What Itachi does in the Ilusion is up to him and it is not necessarily used to harm his targets. Prior to his death, Itachi used this ability to talk with Naruto about Sasuke. He then planted remnants of Shisui's powers in Naruto and used them after he was revived.

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