5 More Character Deaths In Jujutsu Kaisen

Major spoiler warning for Jujutsu Kaisen Anime and Manga, proceed with caution.

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5 More Character Deaths In Jujutsu Kaisen

In the previous article, we went over 5 major character deaths up to and during the Shibuya arc in Jujutsu Kaisen. Here we’ll be discussing 5 more character deaths in the coolest shonen of the past few years. As the series progresses, things get darker, and very important people start dying (as per Jujutsu Kaisen manga).

If you haven’t read the manga and if you aren’t the one who enjoys our own humiliation (P.S, like me who purposefully spoils things for themselves), I would suggest for you to not scroll down any further. With that out of the way, let’s get into the list

1. Nanami Kento

jjk deaths
Nanami Kento

This one hits you like a punch in the gut. Nanami has been a fan favorite since he was first introduced as a character. A skilled jujutsu sorcerer himself, Nanami was a very capable, dependable, kindhearted individual.

During the Shibuya arc, Nanami has been fighting off cursed spirits and transfigured humans endlessly but his luck ran out when he crossed paths with Mahito.

In a truly heartbreaking moment, Nanami dies at the hands of Mahito just when Itadori reaches the scene. His last words “You’ve got it from here” spelled a painful end for one of the best Jujutsu Kaisen characters.

2. Masamichi Yaga

character deaths in jjk
Masamichi Yaga

Yaga was the principal of Tokyo Jujutsu High, and the creator of Panda. In the aftermath of the Shibuya arc, Masamichi was sentenced to death for inciting his former students, Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto, the latter of whom has been confirmed to be alive.

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Principal Gakunganji of the Kyoto school cornered Yaga alone in a street along with other higher-ups.

The two got into a fight where Gakuganji fatally wounded Yaga. The last we see of principal Yaga is Panda holding onto his body and crying over his loss, a truly gut-wrenching moment.

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3. Mai Zenin

deaths in jjk
Mai Zenin

The Zenin clan is notorious among all major Jujutsu sorcerer clans with some of the most powerful sorcerers like Naobito Zenin and Toji Fushiguro. In the aftermath of the Shibuya arc, with Gojo Satoru sealed and the head of the Zenin clan dead, Megumi Fushiguro was set out to be the new head of the clan.

This did not sit well with some of the clan members including Maki and Mai’s father, Ogi Zenin. The two sisters confronted their father in a battle. Ogi took both twins to a place where curses of grade 2 and lower were used for training and discipline.

He abandoned his own daughters, expecting the cursed spirits to take their lives. However, Mai, sacrificed herself to provide Maki with a new weapon, taking all of their combined cursed energy with her. In exchange, Mai asked that Maki destroy everything.

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4. The Patriarchs of the Zenin Clan

jjk deaths
Naoya Zenin

Oh boy! True to her words, destroy everything Maki did. As mentioned earlier, Naobito Zenin, the head of the Zenin clan lost his life during the Shibuya arc, making Megumi the next clan leader. This did not sit well with the men of the Zenin clan. Ogi and Jinichi planned to execute Megumi, Maki, and Mai for plotting to free Satoru.

However, things did not go as planned. Not only Maki wipe the floor with these two extremely powerful jujutsu sorcerers, but she also killed any Zenin man or cursed spirit who stood in her way. At last, Maki came face to face with Naoya Zenin, her cousin and self-proclaimed rightful heir of the Zenin clan.

Naoya is very arrogant and taunts Maki, seemingly assured of his victory. However, Maki figures out how Naoya's technique works and knocks her cousin out with a single punch by smashing him into the ground. His eventual demise comes at the hands of Maki’s dying mother who stabs him to death.

5. Kugisaki Nobara?

character deaths in jjk
Kugisaki Nobara

We know this one’s a little bit iffy. After all, Kugisaki is one of the main leads! However, Akutami sensei has indicated he was going to kill one main character at least. During the Shibuya arc, Mahito creates a double of himself. Nobara comes across him and the two engage in a fight.

Simultaneously, the original Mahito and Itadori are engaged in a fight as well. Initially, Mahito seems to have the upper hand at both ends. However, it turns out Nobara’s resonance technique can damage Mahito’s soul at both places.

To deal with this crisis, both Mahitos flee the battle, forcing their opponents to follow. In the subway corridor, trapped between Nobara and Yuji, the two Mahitos run past each other.

The double rushes towards Yuji, while the original touches a perplexed Nobara and uses his transfiguration technique, blasting one of her eyes in a fatal blow. Later, Arata Nitta tries to aid her while telling Itadori not to hold out any hopes for her survival. In a later chapter, Megumi alludes to Nobara’s possible demise.

With all that said, the words “Kugisaki Nobara is dead” or her dead body have not been shown in the manga yet. So for die-hard Nobara fans, including myself, there is still hope. However, if after this merciless toying of our hearts, Akutami Sensei reveals Nobara to be actually dead, we do not know how we will ever recover from that!

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