5 Major Character Deaths In Jujutsu Kaisen

Major spoiler warning for Jujutsu Kaisen Anime and Manga, proceed with caution.

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Jujutsu Kaisen is a supernatural, action shonen that follows Itadori Yuji, a high school student.

Yuji swallows a cursed object which turns out to be the remains of an ancient evil jujitsu sorcerer, Sukuna, the king of all curses.

Sukuna now inhabits Yuji’s body as Jujutsu sorcerers continue to fight off curses and find other crushed objects.

The show and manga have incredible action and dark emotional moments throughout their storyline, sprinkled with well-balanced humor.

The manga now has 161 chapters and the anime has finished its 1st season. Naturally, there have been major character deaths so far.

We’ll be looking at 5 major character deaths in Jujutsu Kaisen anime (and manga) that both shocked and saddened the viewers and/or readers.

1. Junpei Yoshino

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Junpei Yoshino was a supporting character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

He was a high school student who befriended Yuji but turned into a curse user after meeting Mahito.

Junpei was a deeply introspective character but prone to be drawn to the negative aspect of this ings.

This was perhaps the reason for his eventual and tragic downfall.

After knowing Junpei inside out, Mahito got his mother killed to push him over the edge.

This led to Junpei attacking his schoolmates and crossing paths with Itadori who tried to talk him down.

It even seemed to have worked. However,  he was nothing more than a pawn in the game Mahito has laid out to get to Itadori and got killed at Mahito’s hands.

2. Death paintings (Eso and Kechizu)

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Death Paintings are nine special grade cursed objects created with the mixed blood of both a cursed spirit and a human.

The Death Painting Wombs appear as small fetuses that cannot act on their own while still existing as cursed objects.

A Death Painting Womb can incarnate into a full half-human half-curse spirit capable of using jujutsu by implanting it into a human vessel.

Fully incarnated Death Painting Wombs are considered cursed spirits of a higher level.

Eso and Kechizu were incarnated by Mahito and they attacked Itadori and Kugisaki.

However, the brothers underestimated the duo’s capabilities.

Kugisaki and Itadori were able to defeat Eso and Kechizu, killing them in the process.

3. Hanami

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Hanami was a special-grade cursed spirit alongside Jogo and a part of Mahito’s faction.

He had an affinity for Nature and cared deeply for his fellow cursed spirits.

He was considerably stronger than Jogo and was a lot more level-headed.

In his first fight against the jujutsu sorcerers, Hanami dealt with many highly skilled sorcerers with ease.

It was only Gojo who was able to cause massive damage to him.

Later during the Shibuya arc, Hanami crossed paths with Gojo again, barely escaping with his life.

Gojo warned Hanami if they met again, Gojo would kill him.

Their paths crossed again during the Shibuya arc and Hanami didn’t get lucky this time.

Gojo was able to exploit Hanami’s weakness, ie his eye branches, and killed him easily.

4. Jogo

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Jogo was a special grade cursed spirit and one of the primary antagonists.

Jogo took a lot of pride in being a cursed spirit and is kind of hot-headed.

Despite being warned about Gojo Satoru, Jogo still went to confront him directly and barely escaped with his life.

However, it was a testament to his resilience that he not only survived but recovered fairly quickly.

During the Shibuya arc, after Gojo is sealed, Choso wants to find and kill Itadori. Jogo protests this saying they must resurrect Sukuna.

Mahito proposes a game saying whoever finds Itadori first can decide what to do with him.

Jogo finds an injured Itaodri and feeds him 10 of Sukuna’s fingers.

Sukuna takes over Itadori’s body temporarily and challenges Jogo to hit him at least once in exchange for certain favours.

However, the power gap between the two is humongous. Jogo very quickly loses to Sukuna, losing his life in the process.

5. Muta Kokichi (Mechamaru)

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Muta Kokichi was a second-year student at Kyoto Jujutsu High who used Ultimate Mechamaru as a proxy for his physical presence.

Kokichi himself couldn't because of the sickly and fragile body he was born with due to his Heavenly Restriction.

Kokichi was willing to enter into a Binding Vow with the enemy in order to achieve his dream of having a healthy physical body.

He shared information with them under the condition that they did not harm any of his Kyoto classmates.

After his body was healed, Kokichi attempted to kill Mahito and Geto. Kokichi struggled mightily against them. Unfortunately, his desperation led to his demise.

The Shibuya arc spelt the end for a lot of major characters of the story, some of whom we will talk about in another article.

The manga has now moved past it and Itadori’s Extermination Arc and is now in the Perfect Preparation Arc.

There have been many character deaths in between and in some cases Akutami Sensei has just left us all hanging.

As the story progresses, we can expect more character deaths and more incredible fights, and shocking reveals.

5 More Character Deaths In Jujutsu Kaisen
Major spoiler warning for Jujutsu Kaisen Anime and Manga, proceed with caution.