5 Female Sports Anime With A Female Lead

Sports Anime in the past decade has become a dominating genre among fans. Let’s be real, every time we talk about sports anime we think about male and not female sports anime

5 Female Sports Anime With A Female Lead

Sports Anime in the past decade has become a dominating genre among fans. Let’s be real, every time we talk about sports anime we think about male and not female sports anime. Women in those anime are mostly seen as managers or love interests. I took it upon myself to introduce you all to sports anime with female lead. So go ahead and enjoy the list of female sports anime. It is always fun to look for new anime.

Female Sports Anime

  • Kandagawa Jet Girls
  • Good-Bye, Cramer
  • Cinderella Nine
  • Iwa Kakeru!
  • How Heavy Are The Deumbells You Lift?

Kandagawa Jet Girls

female sports anime

Jet Races, an aquatic sport, deemed the world’s most intense is where Jetters and their respective Shooters race on their jet skies.

The story follows Rin Namiki, Female lead and her dream to become a professional Jet Racer like her mother. Transferring to Asakusa Girls’ High School, Rin decides to join the school’s Jet Racing Club only to find no Club.

Rin decides to make her own team and recruits Misa Aoi with whom she competed against Team Dress from Musashino Girls High School. Also, recruits three other girls and makes her team Kandagawa Jet Girls.
This female sports anime aired from October 2019 to January 2020.

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Good-Bye, Cramer

Good-Bye, Cramer is a female sports anime that is yet to be aired but you should look forward to it. Scheduled for airing in April 2021.

Sumire Suou with a passion for soccer but no accomplishment during her Junior High School career receives an offer from her rival Midori Soshizaki. Midori invites her to join her high school soccer team promising Sumire to never let her “play alone”.

The anime has a prequel Sayonara Watashi no Cramer Movie: First Touch which features Sumire’s life in Junior High School.

Cinderella Nine

female sports anime

Well, these Cinderella play baseball but with a little twist. The female sports anime adapted from a mobile game tells the story from a viewer’s point of view. The entire story happens from the perspective of the viewer.

The main player, that is, the viewer gets an identity and their role is of a former little senior league baseball ace. They lost their baseball career after an injury and moved to their grandmother’s hometown.

The player then meets Tsubasa Arihara when they enroll in a local high school. Tsubasa persuades them to become the manager of their female baseball team to help them go to Koshien Nationals.

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Iwa Kakeru!

female sports anime

A sports anime about a female rock climbing team sounds tiring in itself. Well, Konomi Kasahara, female lead , wanted to find a new activity to break away from video games and puzzles when she joined Hanamiya High School.

Konomi finds a gigantic wall used and owned by the school’s rock climbing team. Believing that she can use her puzzle-solving skills to climb the wall she joins the Hanamiya Climbing Team.

Time spent with the team she learns the true meaning of “sports climber” and works hard to win the upcoming competition along with the team.

The anime finished airing in December 2020.

How Heavy Are The Dumbells You Lift?

female sports anime

Have you ever imagined joining a gym only to find a prince charming and becoming a member of a bodybuilder’s gym?

Well, neither did Hibiki Sakura. After confronted by her best friend about her ever-expanding waistline, Hibiki joins a newly opened Silverman Gym. Hibiki there runs into the student council president Akemi Souryuuin.

Hibiki soon finds out that the gym she joined is a world of bodybuilders and athletes on top of it Akemi has a total muscle fetish. She decides to leave but Naruzou Machio stops her, her newfound prince charming. Sakura becomes a gym member and now as a result must adapt to her new lifestyle as part of the bodybuilding team.

With a rating of Teens 13 or older, this female sports anime aired from July 2019 to September 2019.

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